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What is the Full Meaning of RAM in Computer?

The RAM is an essential component of your computer but many wonder how much RAM there’s got to be on your computer: Let’s see briefly how to understand more about these modules.

What is RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory and identifies a component present in all computers (old and new) that generally has a similar shape to the card. Wanting to explain everything so elementary: the activity of the RAM is crucial within a computer that both Windows, Mac or Linux, since it is the high-speed volatile memory that allows instant processing of the various processes that are performed on the system.

According to Acronym Finder, the difference between the memory of the hard drive and the RAM is that: the HDD is a long-term memory, no data are erased except for the user’s decision but reading is writing is pretty much “slow.” Data written in RAM are recorded at a speed much faster, and then the son fast read and write times but the user is not able to decide which files/processes will pass from RAM and which not: is the operating system to manage its resources and decide that a heavier job must be run from RAM to respond in less time.

How much RAM should have a computer?

Especially those who are buying a new computer it asks how many GB of RAM are needed to have a fast machine and good quality. It all depends what activities take place with PC/Mac, although ironically they should only use Notepad and Paint, one need only one GB of RAM. Who does video processing should have at least 8 GB of memory: so the answer is highly vague.

In principle, a last generation computers capable of performing any operation even of the most complex should have a minimum of 4 GB of RAM although twice wouldn’t hurt. Let’s say the question how much RAM serves on the PC? We could answer with the perfect number 6 GB, although very rarely are ready configurations with this amount of memory.

But it’s good to know that the RAM is not everything, in fact, to improve the speed of your computer is the processor but especially the hard drive: indeed, using an SSD performance is improved by almost three times than those provided by a normal hard disk.

Therefore, before you point your attention to how many GB of RAM must have the computer, I suggest you check the quality/quantity of other hardware components are very important.

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