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What is the Best Age to Get Your Kid a Cell Phone

Kids and cell phone, what is the right age to buy it and what are the rules that shall be given to better manage the relationship with technology? Here are all the tips to please children averaging using the phone.

By now it is quite common that even very young children are found in his hands the parental cell. And even if we don’t like it, there comes a time when we decide to buy a cell phone for our child, partly because it is he who ask, partly because we are tired of finding ourselves with your smartphone’s battery discharge. Once you arrive to adolescence without even using your mobile, but today even very young children know how to use one of the parents. What are they doing? Mostly we play, but the more you go in school-age children the more likely begin to use it as adults: to send messages to friends, to call, to use the internet and social networks. All this maybe we don’t like, yet somehow we yield.

But what is the right age to buy the phone for children? According to data from a research cell in 18% of cases the Eurispes, arrive around 7 years, although experts say this is not yet a suitable age: children should not have a their cell phone before the age of ten years. The reason? First of all adverse health effects.

But the truth is that often are parents to buy a phone for her son even though he didn’t even ask and disparate motivations. For example, husband and wife separated are the first to buy a cell phone for children, in order to have the freedom of being able to hear their child without having to call on the phone the former partner. Sometimes the early purchase comes simply because the parents are tired of having to sell his smartphone to keep good kids in tough times.

The rules for mobile use by children

In any case, to educate a child cellphone usage it is important that there are some rules, at least at an early stage and if it is still too small to handle this report. Let’s start with giving schedules and times when you can use it as a joke, so no phone in school or at home during homework. The phone is not in use at the table, but it is also correct that mom and dad give a good example. At least up to 12 year old children must be kept under control: while using the phone should always be a parent, even though most of the time this is not possible. And don’t forget to use applications that allow you to set up parental controls on navigating online!

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