What Finger to Wear a Ring on

Previously the rings were the magic symbol, which is why the material from which they were made, and the finger on which they were laid, were very important. The ring could tell a lot about its owner … Today, the rings are rather a nice accessory that goes with the carrier / carrier looks and not personality. However, many astrologers, palm readers and psychologists say the ring worn on a finger can help correct the character.

The ring on the thumb

These are strong people, emotional and domineering should wear the rings on the go. Palmists say the thumb corresponds to Mars, and the ring worn on this finger soothes, calms emotions and helps control a fiery temperament. Usually, it is the stubborn and strong men who wear the rings on the thumb to control their aggression and fiery temperament. On the go 3rjewelry recommends a brass ring.

The ring on the index finger

According palm readers and astrologers, shy people should wear the rings on the index. The index is the symbol of Jupiter, so the ring worn on this finger helps to entrust aporte happiness, success and improves welfare. Such kings and leaders of armies that Ivan the Terrible, the Duke of Richelieu Cardinal, Caesar etc. wore rings on the index. Previously the rings worn on this finger were called “rings of power.”

The ring worn on the right index shows the ability to make decisions, for cons, the ring on his left index finger-this is the symbol of megalomania. If you are shy, but want to become a leader – wear the ring on that finger. The perfect choice-the gold rings .

The ring on the major

The unfortunate people and rencontrants obstacles should wear the rings on a middle finger. The key is a symbol of Saturn, which helps to overcome the difficulties, gives wisdom, logical thinking. On the middle finger is recommended to wear rings inherited.

Psychologists claim that most often it is the people fates who wear rings on this finger. The major is the longest and most beautiful, while the rings on this finger appear most beautiful. A subtle ring worn on the middle finger-the symbol of good taste, unlike the massive ring symbolizes the vanity and pride of a person. The most appropriate rings – iron rings.

The ring on the annular

The rings on this finger are most often worn by aesthetes people, or those who want success and fame. The ring is the symbol of the Sun, so the ring worn on this finger emphasizes the love for beauty, luxury and exceptional things. The gold ring worn on the ring will attract love and fortune.

The calm people should choose delicate rings, by against too emotional people should bring massive rings. The rings worn on the ring symbolize marriage. This custom comes from ancient Egypt, where it was believed that in annaulire this is the beginning of “the artery of love” that leads to the heart .

The ring on the little finger

The awkward people, no eloquent and an inflexible character should wear a ring on the little finger. This finger is the symbol of Mercury, which protects doctors, diplomats, speakers, entrepreneurs and politicians. The ring worn on the little finger will facilitate communication and help create new relationships. In addition, the ring worn on this finger helps to fight against addictions and weakens the tendency to infidelity.