What Earrings Use According to the Occasion

Accessories, simple as they may appear, are important in our outfit. Why some earrings can make a difference, since they denote femininity. Here we will give you a few tips to know what earrings use depending on the occasion.


The rings are a classic that is used more than ever. Are of different sizes and colors, from the basic silver or Golden, even those who lead brilliant. They are very versatile, so you can find which you like most and use them at any time. They highlighted your cheekbones and you’ll look supersensual. The best thing is that you don’t need a specific hairstyle, always be well.


If you want something more discreet but with a touch of fun, the figures earrings are a good option for you. There are all kinds: from hearts, stars, monkeys, arrows and shapes. To use these will be better that you pick up your hair and let them see.

Pressure (ear cuff)

Want something bolder? Then pressure earrings are trend. You don’t need to drill you ears to get many earrings, since only overlap. If you want, used a single earring in one ear and make yourself a side braid, for example. Use your imagination. For a party, the ear cuff is ideal.


If you need something more for the night, with long earrings you are to give him the attention and you will be very pretty. To show well, collect your hair: a very simple queue of horse will give elegance to your style. It is also valid that you let go of your hair, only to accommodate her behind the ears and leaves bare your accessories.


Short earrings will give you a feminine look that can also be very sexy and even a bit more serious because they are discrete. It all depends on what you want to reflect and whatever you feel. Short earrings are also easier to combine and use (not become entangled with your hair).


Who does not have some pearls out there which inherited you your grandmother? Almost all, since they are the classic par excellence. It is because they have always highlighted the feminine beauty. If what you want is to see you elegant and distinguished, then don’t hesitate to choose them. In a model short or long, big or small, no matter what you prefer, all you’ll look perfect. You can not miss in your jewelry box!

If you get bored “as usual” in addition to soon, with these little accessories you can refresh your image.

Do you what you prefer?

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