What Do These Women Have in Their Handbags?

The photographer Corwin of Kuhwede for years wondered what women actually have in their handbags. Until he has looked.

Mirror ON LINE: Mr by Kuhwede, what do you have in your pockets?

Kuhwede: I have always handkerchiefs in the right front pocket. Front left my wallet and my phone plug. Remains free rear right and rear left I use for different things, for example for receipt. In my jacket pocket I’m wearing mostly a Notepad, a pen, business cards and bookmarks, which I even designed. You are to give as a gift.

To the Person

Corwin of Kuhwede made his first photo at the age of three. It shows a sky, a few trees, and on the very edge of the head of his mother like an awkwardly positioned stamps sticking. As a young man he photographed with an analogue compact camera and then nothing happened long time. In 2005, Corwin of Kuhwede newly discovered photography and began to work as an independent photographer in Leipzig two years later.

Mirror ON LINE: Why did you know what women have in their handbags?

Kuhwede: Many women make a big secret, what they have in their pockets. At the same time, it says that carry around your whole life with them is. Because I wanted to know what this might be.

Mirror ON LINE: What did you expect?

Kuhwede: Something mysterious in all the myths that are circulating around woman’s handbag. And I think every man would have expected maybe sometimes a little sex toy for a lady.

Mirror ON LINE: And?

Kuhwede: I found none. The women were usually only tissues, tampons or condoms. Nothing out of the ordinary. Amazingly, I found, however, how many things from small bags were brought out. Then there were women who had very large bags in turn. Since then however hardly anything was in there. I don’t understand the logic behind this until today.

Photo Gallery

Mirror ON LINE: Has the bag contents of younger women differed from those of the older?

Kuhwede: The younger ones had more tickets of events with or books. The contents of their bags, seemed somewhat short-lived. The older women had more practical things in their handbags, such as cough drops or paving. One was around but also a big knife with it.

Mirror ON LINE: Oh what?

Kuhwede: Yet, however. She came with her family to a shoot in my Studio. Then I asked her if I could photograph the contents of her bag. When she emptied out the bag, was a big knife. Her family has looked quite irritated and someone asked: “Grandma, what are you doing with a knife?” The woman seemed even quite surprised, as she saw it – but then said you could always use something.

Mirror ON LINE: There were also women who wanted to have quickly what disappear out of your pocket before you photographed it?

Kuhwede: Some did not want to show the used and crumpled handkerchiefs or the old crushed candies. But I would have admitted that the photos would have been yes no longer authentic. So that the women could not previously clean up their pockets, I all told only that I’m looking for women for my shoot, who let himself be photographed with her purse. But not, I want to show everything up to the last snippet.

Mirror ON LINE: And since all made with?

Kuhwede: When I explained what I was really up, the reaction was always the same. I could see in the faces of the women that they quite hard thinking and wondering what they actually have in their pocket, and whether this could be embarrassing for them. Then all have agreed to photograph the contents because they found the idea of good. Only one refused. Well, who knows what brought that. That would probably have been the exciting content on which I was hoping all the time.

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