What About Mixed Martial Arts?

The Origins Of Mixed Martial Arts

The origin of mixed martial arts is complex, already in the ancient Games Olympic Greeks can find documentation of combat as the pankration systems. The root of modern mixed martial arts can be found at early 20th century when competitions little regulated in Europe, Japan and Brazil where they practiced the famous and brutal Vale Tudo.

Initially, most of these competitions faced practitioners of different disciplines: boxing, Muay thai, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, JIU-Jitsu, fight, Sambo… with the objective of seeing that discipline or martial art was more effective.

Evolution Of Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts have evolved rapidly acquiring the same or more impact than boxing or professional wrestling.

Its practitioners have specialized acquiring an own fighting style, by selecting the techniques of the disciplines that best adapt to the new regulations. Today we see how the wrestlers have included beating of boxing techniques, Muay thai… While boxers have included techniques of Jiu-Jitsu and Judo to take advantage at work in soil.

The result of this evolution are fighters increasingly more complete, that dominate different styles of combat and martial arts, art capable of combat in all distances and adapt to all kinds of adversary being able to win matches whether it’s thanks to their beatings or the ability to control and immobilize his opponent.

If you are interested in get started in mixed martial arts do not hesitaterises to the tatami! And tell us about your experience.