International brand of textile of Swedish origin, WESC (WE are the Superlative Conspiracy) often sponsored artists from the underground scene, which gave him the legitimacy to engage in commercialization of helmets in his name.

The helmet that concerns us today is an closed type headphones and Supra-Aural. Design is in the line of helmets for DJ, currently in vogue wide Atria with leatherette, metal design branches, and slightly padded headband pads.

The Atria is adjusted by moving along a slide. Small feature that signs of the target audience, the right atrium rotates 180° to release the right ear while keeping the monitor on the left ear. Manufacturing is serious and seems solid despite the intensive use of plastic. In particular-detachable-cable that seems better finished than often in this price category. It has a remote control and a microphone for call taking, compatible Android and Apple, including. Adapter or supplied satchel, a shame when even at that price.

True to its name, the WESC offers predominant bass, sound clearly assumed identity. On the “Around the City” Eliane Elias, bass present bring relief to restitution, responding to high frequencies well distributed, without excess or highlight. The medium however seems to me back, less defined. Strangely, on “Grog Moin” of the Group of Salsa Africando, at low level, the bass seem to miss slightly extension, which is not unpleasant either way, as highlighting the rest of the sound spectrum. Listening is quite relaxing, but puts everything in place by mounting the volume. The WESC Jazz Bass is not the most dynamic headphones, but it remains in a good average.

By the way the song “another dimension” Al Kheyma on compilation Electro Cypher, unsurprisingly, everything is in place, the WESC seems particularly at ease on the electronic pieces and Rap, with always this small lack of Shimmer in the midrange. On the other hand, no complaints about serious, showing firmness and dryness.Similarly, on the “Dub in a Time of Cholera” Dub colossus, everything is in its place, with a serious expressive, an acute without climb very high brings its contribution to restitution, and a medium slightly indented, without that being annoying on this type of music.

On the “Shall We Dance” of Stacey Kent on the other hand, the WESC Bass Jazz shows its limits, with a lack of richness of the mid-high and the somewhat excessive bass. As expected, it is not really made for acoustic music.Nothing unbearable, but there are more defined in the competition. Last point, unfortunately common to many closed headphones, it heats the ears after a few hours of listening. In return, the insulation is very correct. The weight of 180 grams remains in the standard of this category of helmets.

In conclusion, the WESC Bass Jazz is a headphone DJ-oriented and dynamic music that pulls out of the game. If you rather love of Jazz, classical music or variety, it is not the ideal choice. In contrast to Rap,Electro, Rock or other live music, it will be very uncomfortable with his serious present but not overwhelming and its tonal balance down.