Wedding Book Planner for the Bride

Are you looking for ideas to make happy your friend who’s getting married? Here’s the wedding book, a gift to impress the bride-to-be who collects all the best moments of the wedding, from the early preparations to the greatest emotions of the fateful day.

What could be nicer to write down each step and emotion that will lead to the big day? If you’re the best man, a maid or a close friends of the bride and would like to ask you a little present to congratulate you on the happy event, you can give her a beautiful notebook to keep updated during preparations for the wedding – see wedding meanings.

You can decide whether to buy it already made, opting for something colorful and romantic but certainly more impersonal, or opt for a DIY wedding guest book customized to the bride and groom. In this way the bride will not only have photos or movies to remember the day of your big day, but also a handy notebook that will help you remember step by step all the way which led her to say: “Yes, I do!”.

Ideas can be many, depending on your skill and the type of notebook you want to perform. There are those who take a memo pad already done and decorate with a few Rhinestones, floret and written, or if you decide to start almost from scratch and arm themselves with paper, fabric and colors to create a true work of art. If you want to roll up your sleeves and test yourself, discover how to make a bridal wedding guest book using a bit of imagination and creativity!


  • fabric
    • 1 Hardcover notebook
    scrapbookingpaper or decoupage
    • scissors
    • Vinyl glue
    • 1 brush
    • stamps, ink, pens, markers, Rhinestones, etc.

Start with the outer cover of your notebook, it will be covered with the fabric you choose, trying not to make her do wrinkles when you paste it on the surface. Place your notebook on top of the fabric, leaving about a centimetre in outer edge that ripiegherete inwards, cut the exact measure and expect to fix everything.

In fact, before gluing the edges inside the cover of the notebook, requier a scrapbooking ordecoupage cover size so as to make the Interior more cared for. Choose a card to taste, plain or with romantic subjects, such as flowers and colored hearts.

Once the internal decorative paper, proceed with the fabric, stretching out the glue with a brush on the surface to be covered, trying to keep it perfectly taut so as not to create creases or bubbles.

At this point, cut diagonally across the fabric in the back, going from the edge of the fabric to the back of the notebook, then cut the part that is in excess and stop her with a bit of glue so it doesn’t fray. Let dry for at least an hour before you continue the decoration.

Now count the pages that make up the memo pad, and to determine how many sections you create and how many pages devoted to each topic, such as including a part for the choice of the dressfor the wedding favors and bridal bouquet, one dedicated to the guests and their arrangement and another to the feelings and expectations related to the big day. Once you have made your selections, enter your dividers using colored paper in fantasy that you will entitle writing pen with your handwriting or printing them using a font on your computer.

It remains only to decorate the cover of the wedding book, sbizzarrendovi as you prefer, opting for a simple heart and initials accompanied by a satin ribbon or lace, or by choosing to apply colored lettering, photos of the bride, rhinestones and embellishments of various types. Don’t forget to add a small dedication on first page or paste an envelope on the last page with your special letter addressed to bride to express your joy and your affection!

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