Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Of Etre Belle

Today I come to teach an eyeliner. It’s Pencil waterproof Etre Belle gray. I do not know if you have any reference or code for the color number (at least I have not seen it), I think that gray have only this.

The case is that while black is the most helpful, to my I love grey pencils to frame the eyes. They give depth, are more natural and will not harden the trait is something that many people think of black.

Its mine is soft and glide gently, mark well both on the outside as the water line inside and pool test passes.

Important so that strokes are accurate (I always say it, but it is that I consider it very important) is well sharpen your pencils. A finite line can blur, smoke or smudge. If on the other hand, you trace a thick line, you can not refine it if you want to bring a delineated finite.

Say a but on this product, it is Pearly finish, matte tones I like more, but this is a matter of taste rather than a product itself.

If you’re still that they not go black or brown to outline your eyes because you don’t like the colorful, a gray eyeliner pencil Etre Belle from Makeupnecessities, you’ll love the result.