Want To Test Apple Watch Before You Buy? Lumoid Helps!

All the buzz around Apple Watch has left consumers eager to try out this new gadget. If many will buy on impulse and heart, some would like to try out this equipment before making a decision.

Since Apple does not have a loan policy, it is difficult to test it only in stores. But this is where Lumoid comes on the pitch, renting Apple Watch to everyone who wants to test it first.

This new concept was presented by Lumoid this year and the company has available to rent several models of equipment of various areas, giving the opportunity to consumers to test and evaluate on one hand their need and second which one is best for them .

These loans typically have a duration of 7 days and give access to 5 different devices during that time period.

In the case of Apple Watch, Lumoid is preparing to have the two cheaper models, Watch Sport and Steel, to rent.

The prices that Lumoid is practicing are distinguished by equipment. Access to the most basic Apple Watch model will cost $ 45 a week. The “intermediate” model will cost the user $ 55 a week.

But this rental model has some points that the user can take advantage of for their own benefit. If you decide to buy this watch the price paid will revert in part to your purchase. We get a discount of $ 25 on Watch Sport and $ 30 on Steel.

For now the Lumoid service is only receiving requests for interest from users. Only on April 24 the first equipment will be available and from then on any user will be able to enjoy the service.

It is estimated that the queues to be able to test the new Apple Watch will be great and so it is also expected that the Lumoid will slowly release the access to these watches.

It is Lumoid’s intention to extend its offer of smartwatches also to the universe Android Wear, with the availability of Moto 360, in the same way presented.

It is an interesting concept and it allows users to have access to test equipment that they may not really want to buy and that until now they had no possibility to have in their possession and evaluate their interest.

Would you be willing to test Apple Watch in these ways or is this a purchase that does not call into question?