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Wallpaper Advantages and Disadvantages

Of the five technical information appearing on the rolls of paper packaging, it notes:

  • the light resistance,
  • the washability: Washable or leachable,
  • the method of connection(when there are grounds)
  • the method to be used for take off ,
  • the ecological character or not wallpaper.

Ecological Wallpaper: A Gesture For The Planet

The wallpaper is not supervised by any regulation: to date, there is no label wallpaper.

  • Wallpaper is a significant pollutant, he participated in deforestation, contains chlorine, heavy metals (inks) and rejects during production of volatile organic compounds.
  • If you have the desire to preserve the planet and the environment, some manufacturers are now marketing wallpaper containing significant proportions of recycled paper, sometimes in their entirety.
  • These wallpapers can be:
    • from forests maintained and managed fairly,
    • or manufactured at low power consumption by using recycled paper: The inks are then integrated solvent and water based.

Benefits of Green Wallpaper: a Healthy Home

  • In choosing wallpaper, you help to preserve the forestry capital of the planet.
  • You offer your children a healthy environment free of toxic product.
  • These products are fully recyclable.
  • You respect your walls and allow them to absorb water vapor, breathe while vinyl wallpapers (check acronyms on Abbreviationfinder) and adhesives associated with synthetic resins are impermeable barriers.

Disadvantages of Ecological Wallpaper: Rare And Expensive

  • The choice currently on the market is still very timid: few models, and a whole style innovation for manufacturers.
  • The price is a little higher: from 30 € the roll of wallpaper.

Ecological Wallpaper: The Solution Of The Woodchip Wallpaper

  • Woodchip wallpaper is a wall covering composed of 90% of recycled textile fibers and paper.
  • It often has small reliefs due to the inclusion of wood particles or oat hulls.
  • Completely recyclable, it is resistant, mask defects and micro-cracks of the support comes in different weights (sometimes even in several colors) and paints easily.
  • Its price is very low, because of all these qualities, from 15 €.
  • The information provided on the labels of these wallpapers are often very thin and not always accurately or provide information about the origin and the proportion of recycled paper in the product.

To go further: Do not opt for a green wallpaper. Choose a glue of plant origin, cellulosic and therefore containing no toxicant.

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