VR Lowcost, Tried Cardboard and The Lakento Virtual Reality Glasses

During the last I/O Google gave a curious surprise attendees. In addition to the ‘usual’ valued gift in a few hundred dollars taught Cardboard, a small support VR seating the minimum of virtual reality based on your mobile. They freed in addition their design and inviting the community of developers to work on them.

Multitude of more or less sophisticated devices now flooding the market, ranging from the Carboard lowest by a couple of euros to more advanced supports. In that interval, we see the I am Cardboard carboard and the Lakento MVR, a more advanced support of Spanish origin. This is our experience testing them.

Google Cardboard

The Google Cardboard are not new, although they are still establishing a good barrier to entry to who feel curious about the State of virtual reality based on mobile. As I said, since just a couple of euros you can enjoy them and are even a good starting point for gifts & occasions family.

It is not more than a support (that is not trivial to assemble, that Yes) with a pair of lenses that focus on our smartphone screen. If you are looking for a good experience you’ll need a relatively large, 5 inches or larger screen (5.5 preferably) phone, and starting at the Full HD resolution.

In our case the tests were performed with a Galaxy Note 3, which mounts the same panel that the Oculus VR DK2, precisely to 1080 p. That Yes, with PenTile. Still do you notice? Yes. In fact is one of the explanations to the highest resolution Quad HD we see phones as Note 4 and its VR Gear, which we tested on Engadget and that comes out of this low-cost selection, with sensors and touch panels added.

But Cardboard remains on the basics, from your website we have four manufacturers ‘champions’, all of which are very similar to each other but with small differences in the form of updates or additions of each brand.

  • I Am Cardboard.
  • DODOcase.
  • Knox Labs.
  • Unofficial Cardboard.

The I Am Cardboard Cardboard slightly surpass this design version ‘bigger’, which includes the NFC tag so the phone knows when is within the stand, and a tape that we can attach it to the head and to release it.

They are not comfortable, not resistant. This is important. The Cardboard are ultimately a carton folded and assembled with around velcro. In the case of ours, $26 (free charge), release your hands ensures you a few good marks on the face if you use them for a while.

In the terms of use of applications, the ecosystem does not seem very rolled still. While there are viewers of normal videos to VR, VR Cinema or I Am Cinema’s own I Am Cardboard; quite successful games like Caaaaardboard! (developer you will know Conesa title!) or Proton press; or viewers of experiences as VRSE (with videos, great to see family), Roller Coaster VR or Cosmic Roller (best space simulators that we found, there are kicked); It is also true that the feeling that they let many applications is that of something green surroundings, with users asking for bug fixes everywhere.

To find available applications does more need to get off Cardboard, the implementation of Google that ‘cure’ content of virtual reality in Google Play (almost is a shuttle to a section to its app store), but it also shows a visual environment with which we can handle certain applications like Youtube, Google Earth and small demos of display objects and environments in 3D.

Certainly can explore what, yet, a principle of the virtual in a State of prematurity than evident reality. But as I say, there is a selection of apps (both free and pay), that is worth trying. For the payment, many of them


  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: Google Inc.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Libraries & demo

More information | Google Cardboard | I am Cardboard

Lakento MVR

The MVR Lakento – mobile VR – give a few steps on the basis of Cardboard. It’s the same concept as the cardboard version, but with a difference. Basically, what we have is a plastic with a pad-based support to support him in the face, an adjustable elastic band for hair and three interesting points.

  • For different sizes of mobile. Lakento thought the device to be as adaptable as possible. Include various filters for different types of phone, 4 to 6 inch screen (where come to the iPhone). That Yes, you need a mobile with gyroscope, as we are running below.
  • With controls you have the device you have. The Lakento incorporate a couple of buttons with a ‘tactile’ pins which touch smartphone screen when you click them. This simple mechanism allows us to interact with some of the games proposed by brand.
  • Comfortable and for any. Whether sunglasses are intended for adults as if not, Lakento has thought about sizes. We can vary the distance between lenses to adapt them to the eyes of each separation and adjust the elastic band with Velcro. The rubber that is included makes that, at least, they are not uncomfortable and are firmly fixed.

Well, applications…

What looks like a betting round with the Cardboard for a few euros, in the Lakento translates to, well, so is. Although the games and applications are essentially the same – more about this more later – for a stand of cardboard, experiences are enjoyed much more. In addition, the Lakento are well built: are rigid and ‘ child-proof’, so it can be the perfect gift and more after its price drop.

What we get for 59 euros is really a good midpoint between carton and 249 euros that cost the Gear VR by Samsung – only compatible with Note 4 –, although obviously also loses integration, quality and sensors with respect to this.

What we get for 59 euros is a good intermediate between the carton and 249 euros for the Samsung VR Gear

And it is to be so broad in its configuration We will have to deal with a difficult placement of the phone. While adhesive pads are included to secure it properly, in my case we have been forced to include something filling in support, especially if the phone is fine. Entering the phone should take some care to make it into the hole that you.

As said, the great pending this system–and the virtual reality section in general – is your lack of quality applications. Lakento has a couple of games in which we can move with their controls. Sharks VR is free, where we have to hunt sharks with spear until we eat (with a button we are moving in the direction that we look, with another shooting); While House of Terror costs 4.99 euros and brings us experience immersive with insured scares. Lakento is developing a third game, Cyborgs, a futuristic FPS that does not paint badly in their first images.

Aside from these two games, Lakento has a section on its website in which they pick up games and utilities scheduled with Cardboard in mind but compatible with these goggles. Of course, it would include here all those mentioned above, when he spoke of Cardboard. That Yes, I I would eye as some of the recommended applications, and even payment (such as Invasion VR) are not supported for several months.

This reveals that, aside from its apparent explosion, the field of virtual reality is still somewhat Green and are not enough a few hundred downloads (or few thousand in the best of cases) payment to encourage developers to improve the product. My recommendation here is that you buy the interesting thing, and even though you do not like or is not compatible with your phone (by what I have seen, also passing) make use of Google return policy. And incidentally, at least, put your grain of sand with these developers in new land will not live on the air.