Vintage Mini Dresses

You dream of a dress out of the ordinary to see a new look that will distinguish you? If so, the vintage dress is one of the clothes you need for this. This piece of unparalleled elegance really something to give a refreshing look. Know already the vintage originally is a term used in oenology, the science related to the production and conservation of wines. His first sense therefore concerns this area and it means a vintage wine. Its use became common in the field of fashion from the 90s At this level, the vintage is used to describe tissues or clothing already old and preserved since their creation.

This trend was launched by supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss as the latter were dressed in several retro evening gowns including vintage dress in early 1990. Since that time, the vintage has become a strong reference in fashion. However, he gained more authority in the fashion world in 2001 with the spectacular appearance of Julia Roberts at the Oscars 2001. The star wore indeed a sublime vintage dress dating from 1972. It was high class. Even today, several celebrities to crack this type of dress. In 2013 Sarah Jessica star of Sex and the City wore a print dress vintage pea for Apollo Spring Gala. At the Grammy Awards 2013 Rihanna appeared in a black vintage dress.

It is important to note that the vintage dress does not mean very old clothes, old-fashioned and uninteresting. Fashion houses are doing great work to improve this type of dress in order to be in step with the state of the current mode. So, find out more about this kind of dresses, here are two models that will not fail to seduce you: the dress with a big bow tie and mini vintage lace dress neckline illusion.

Made lace, short vintage dress is a piece that gives an exotic charm. She has an illusion neckline that displayed a set of transparency and trendy heart neckline. It is a practice dress party or gala.

This short vintage dress with a big bow on it is a well-cut sheath dress with a smooth cut that reflects the grace and simplicity. She has a very big bow tie for a romantic effect & dramatic and consists of a round neck. Narrow at the bust, its classic cut gives a slinky silhouette. Ideal for cocktails and for sale at a modest price. It is made of organza for lightness.

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