Vintage Design Fashion

I’m not an artist or engineer, or even an industrial designer, but like many Watch fans, I tell myself that at the level of design, brands can do still better.

Through this article, I tried to remember the watch designs that have me the most hit in the eye, the ones I’d like to see…

The idea is not brought innovation, but rather the reuse of values that have marked the history and that would be good to see in our favorite shops.

Vintage watches are a real trend, but do you know the most famous designs?

The Surfboard dials

Or surfboard for the least bilingual…
I think you all know the shape of a surfboard, so I’ll spare you the diagram.

This design includes the two counters of a chronograph in an elliptical piece, that contrasts with the color of the dial.

The first appearance was on a Breitling Datora 2031 (a model negotiated in 2500 currently) but who was also noticed on more affordable models of the 60s and 70s, as the Nivada Rec Watch Mark 1 or Motorcycle Kouré MK1 more recently.

The concave glasses

It’s pretty simple: rather than the bezel being greater than the edge of the dial, she going on inside and fits into the dial, resulting in a “inner bezel.

I don’t know if it represents a real interest, I guess it’s more for design… But it’s really cool.

In the genre, there are the very massive Zulu – 07 Pro. Very nice, but it would be can be even better with a thinner case… In the 1970s, Tyrrell proposed this Lifetime (at the top) with a glass very dome, which accentuated the depth.

The TV dials

For those who have never seen a TV CRT, forget it, you won’t understand… Being born at the beginning of the 1990s, I had the time to see a few anyway (like the Sony Radiola of Grandpa).

If you do not know, know that the TV have not always been as thin… For a long time they were heavier than a pallet of concrete blocks, and it’s quickly arranged… Phew.

The TV dials are oval or rectangular, with rounded sides. A form known as it’s the barrel, little popular today but found on this Memostar Alarm…

The modern trend is to reuse old items… And why not reuse this form?

Quilted bracelets

It’s very retro, but it is not very common, wrongly!

This type of bracelet is very typical racing, with a seam often contrasted, which reminds the seats of cars of yesteryear.

They can be rubber, but we prefer them in leather, it’s much more noble…

Michele shop offers very good quality, and that kind of bracelet joins super good with an old Seiko watch racy. There is nothing better to drive your Morgan or your Ferrari 250 GTO… I got chills…

Yacht watches

The yacht watches are not a genre of its own, but it’s rather a visual style.

They are equipped with a chronograph and a countdown which helps the skippers at the start of a regatta. This is what one needs a special watch for our yacht? No, of course…Already, it is a yacht, plan to break (s) ELP.

But in the same way, do you really need this watch race for driving your Peugeot 106 Bic? I do not believe…

One needs this kind of watches because they are really cool and colorful, and it’s true vintage with the opinion of allunitconverters