Vintage Clown Makeup

Circus such as we know him, there are just little more than 200 years. Before that, there was only juggler troops showed pieces of art fairs, Inns and courtly societies.

Vintage Clown Makeup

The art rider Philip Astley is regarded as founder of the circus. In 1768, he founded a riding school, for which he organized art equestrian performances in London.

After he showed also acrobats, rope dancers, and “Jester”. There to see the first “vintage clown”. The art riding but retained his supporting role until the mid-19th century in the European landscape of the circus.

in 1782, Astley had built the first fixed circus building with the characteristic round ring.

The first German circus was founded in 1842 by Ernst Jakob Renz. In the Circus Renz there horse mimes also animal performances, acrobatics and clowns initially with acrobatic interludes as was customary, but over the course of time.

The Victorian era and the time until in the 1930s are style-setting for what we understand under the typical vintage circus look.

At the end of the 19th century the American circus came increasingly to the fore.

This was marked by the character of his journey, because there were no fixed circus buildings in the sparsely populated US.

Therefore, the well-known transportable circus tent, the “Chapiteau” evolved.

The U.S. circus, focused on the business of sensations and offered artistry, exoticism and mysteries. In particular the Barnum and Bailey Circus, had great influence on the European circus and is arguably the prototype of the vintage circus.

Great cosmetics ideas for a vintage circus motif are “Strong man”, “Tattooed Lady”, “Fortune teller crystal ball”, “vintage artist” or a “vintage clown” of course.
So ring free for my Victorian-inspired circus girls!

Vintage clown – complexion

First right white bottom.

I recommend white makeup from the Visagismusbedarf theater quality by Kryolan, Grimas, etc. What I completely recommend, is the white low fat makeup from drugstore and Carnival stores. It does you no favors and get neither a beautiful evenly covering complexion and still the stuff holds up well.

The powders.

Vintage clown – brewing

Using a black eyebrow pencil or pencil to draw thin and emphasized eyebrows.

Vintage clown – Rouge

DAB small round Apple cheeks with red Rouge.

The look should be concise, so only minimally dazzle.

Vintage clown – mouth

Precise outline mouth with red pencil.

Apply strong red lipstick.

Vintage clown – eyes

Apply white eyeshadow from the lid up to the brow.

Outline eyes with liquid black eyeliner.

Apply mascara to lashes.

False eyelashes glue.

Concludes with the liquid eyeliner, paint two vertical lines under the eyes in the middle of the eyes.

When an eye up to the eyebrow after upwards through the stroke. To carefully work with small strokes. The stroke in the direction of eyebrow will be getting wider.

Vintage clown – hair

The hair with a straightening iron completely by kreppen.

The entire hair heavily to backcomb and consolidate it with hair spray.

Hair loose pick up and stuck.

Mini cylinder position.

Vintage clown – styling

Typical for circus girls of Victorian able skirt are the appearance like a Tutu corsets, all lace and little black boots. A little Gypsy is also always look.

The skirt length, at that time could be as a costume at the circus, would have been completely unseemly for normal girls. However, circus people were generally not particularly respected – should be clear.

My outfit is up on the homemade loop from SATin around the neck of ordinary garments. I’m not so into the cheap costumes from Carnival needs.

On the location rock, I have sewn Additionally lace ribbons and trims.

When the Red corset with Black Lace, I have set the cutting deeper, so that more of the lace blouse is.

And with the blouse I gathered sleeves with bands and made a total tight blouse, which was previously a looser Union.

I just bought mini cylinder, lace gloves, fishnet tights and ankle boots…