Vertical Urban Garden

This year the show gardens, Garden 2015, the farms of Gally invite us to discover a simple way to create an urban garden. Vertical, to save space, this futuristic garden fits in the air from the time the feeder garden takes more place in issues for natural products.

Dominique Laureau, founder of the farms of Gally, presents us with a garden of the future which reconsiders the traditional vegetable garden. Space of urban agriculture is given the function of feeder garden which favours “decorative” plants vegetable plants.

By definition, the feeder garden consists of vegetables, fruits or aromatic plants, born in the idea of making savings, but also in the idea of products 100% natural pesticide free “created” by us, which we can follow the evolution.

Registering in a futuristic and innovative design, the garden put on techniques above ground, a phenomenon which develops actively everywhere in the world. The Gally farms have chosen to create a garden salads of all varieties, installed in the air, which the root grows inside the column. Placed next to the other, each hydroponic column remains independent with a water circuit to control to maintain the lettuce.

In these “tower garden”, the water has a major role to play: rich in mineral elements, it is pumped into the tank and sent to the top of the column. With its runoff she brings to the roots the nutrients essential to the growth of the plantations. Irrigation works in closed loop. The columns are planting in very high density, up to 44 plants.

Here, it is a return of the campaign in the city, an agriculture that respects the seasons to return to the essential and traditional, healthy and natural culture. Foster garden allows to become its own provider of fruits, vegetables and herbs to offer a more balanced lifestyle and good food natural from of products bio which we know the origin.