Versatile Leather Jackets

To who doesn’t like a great leather jacket? since appeared this garment, it has been used, initially by the bikers classic, the tough guys, but little by little and due to its great success, leather jacket and all styles of men have used it we can find it in any fashion collection that boasts.

The leather jacket is a highly versatile garment, looks good with any look and it has become an essential, timeless and for all tastes.

Leather jacket never goes out of fashion

Leather jacket reinvents itself each season and always surprises us with a new look, is equal to the first days of autumn, cool summer nights or more temperate winter days.

There are different types of leather jackets according to mensjacketsstore:

1 jackets biker type -usually black, with reinforced elbow patches. One of the low cost to bet on this type of leather jackets is Zara .

2 leather Hooded Jackets – they tend to combine the wool with leatherette and are ideal to show off a more sport look with jeans and sneakers. Pull and Bear bets on them.

3 jackets biker type -are those that are more fashionable, have a design more tailored and in different colors. You can find them in H.E. by Mango or Religion.

4 the Aviator jacket – are more warm than the previous ones, and also more classic. We can find them with fleece collar or without it.

Good thing about leather jacket is that, whether you choose one model like other, is ideal to combine with white t-shirts and pants skinny in dark tones.

Cons of leather jacket is that it is not suitable to wear with shirts, though you can always try to give you a different look, a little preppy, that already is a matter of taste.

Good thing about leather jacket is that it is a versatile fabric, we can try to innovate our look with sweaters, shirts and trousers of different colors and styles. You may try with an acharolado finish, in a natural shade of black leather jacket, and other many styles that can give much play to your look.

The leather jacket is the ideal to turn any outfit into cool, you can choose between a padded, quilted, zippered, studded or buttons, but that Yes, better to be black to be able to combine her much better.

Leather jackets are one of the key of the autumn-winter fashion trends for a couple of seasons, but this year if possible, is even more strength because has become very fashionable look rock.

“Please, bury me near my baby, with my leather jacket, my jeans and biker boots”, these words them gave Sid Vicious about how I wanted to that it was his last goodbye. I don’t know if their last wills of the Sex Pistolswere met, but the truth is that with that statement it illustrated perfectly the attachment of the musician by his leather jacket, which was considered as one of their best belongings.

Leather jacket leaves the dark clubs where only hears musicrock´n´roll, and happens to be everywhere, has become the fashion garment for many men still smelling the aroma of the mythical golden age of rock, punk, rushing a cigarette with eyes closed and endless nights that seem to not finish never consists.

And you do you are a lover of the leather jacket for his relationship with the musical moves or simply because you like as it merges with your different outfits?