Various Flashlights For Hikers

Let’s review some lanterns that can be found on the market designed for hikers in this comparison of hand flashlights useful for hiking.

During excursions, especially when we move in complicated land requiring us the use of their hands, the most useful will be using a front. Even so, at certain times, hand lanterns offer some advantages due to their higher level of lighting: for example, to lead a large group overnight, broaden the field of view, or show us so that we can find. They are also more appropriate to perform delicate operations or seek guidance signals in the absence of light.

We have a small selection of those that seem most interesting and good value. They are cheap, or good-priced headlights, but always being demanding with the lighting and the resistance offered.

Led Lenser Hokus Focus 7438

A flashlight with excellent light quality.

Experience in the market of Led Senser makes this only 115 lumens flashlight to get a range of 220 meters, thanks to High End Power LED technology, which takes the maximum led performance, and get a flow of light of great intensity.

Other information to be taken into account in this lamp are the life of its battery, which is 52 hours, and his weight, which is 144 grams.The only drawback that we can blame him is that he always has the same light flux, but for the price that we cannot ask him more.

Led Lenser P7.2

Like previous lantern, it belongs to the Led Lenser brand.

This model includes the Advanced Focus System, which improves the light long distance (focus position). When you are in the position of focus, reflector focuses light towards the front, thanks to the Speed Focus mechanism a one-handed sliding mechanism, it cannot be a form of light to another in a Flash (of immediately). This flashlight achieves greater light output thanks to the combination of optimized lens and the new chip LED, developed by GARYFLASHLIGHTS.COM to maximize the power of flashlight.

This Led Lenser flashlight model has three bright light flows with different scopes and intensities. We must highlight that already the lower flow of light, with only 40 lumens Gets a range of 100mts, unthinkable thing in other lanterns with these lumens.

Depending on the use and selected mode battery can achieve a lifespan of up to 50 hours.

Indestructible VARTA Professional Line

This flashlight has a good relationship quality price, it is a cheap and resistant, flashlight suitable for those people who do not have a high level of demand in terms of functionality as regulation of the intensity, or battery life. With its 100 lumens you get a range of 160 meters. Thanks to an led high performance combined with a special lens optics. You can select two light modes: 120 lumens and 19 lumens, and depending on the use I could reach a maximum of 40 hours autonomy.

Led Lenser L7

This lantern is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. It supports heat and extreme cold and has a high resistance to shocks and dust. The LED Lenser L7 has an advanced focus system. When you are in the position of focus, reflector focuses light towards the front.

It has a weight of 142 grams and with only 115 lumens manages to give a range of 225 meters.