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Vapur Reflex Water Bottle Blue

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Water reuse is a great idea and works, but putelin roudaaminen from one place to another, however, can be a bit of a chore. Especially when they are empty, or on the basis of only one can be found in the SWIG. Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a bottle of water that would result in any change in size as the water runs out, and finally the points from rolling a small Pack page in your Pocket?

It would be called the Vapur Reflex water bottle from waterbottlesshop.com. This innovative and flexible bag can be folded back or flatten one of the slew of roll, free corner of what laukustasi can be found. Vapurissa is a three-story wall that ensures that there is no risk of repeämisestä, roiskumisesta, or through the wet. And what’s more, in a drink pouch and comes with a handy karabiinilenkki for Vapurin to hang on even though your backpack.

An ingenious design to keep Vapurin upright on flat surfaces when it is filled with water. Empty the bag you can get then deftly rolled up, and even though the Pocket after. Vapur Hydration bottle is made from BPA free Reflection of plastic, it is safe to use and does not shed any odors or flavors.

Vapur Reflex works with any liquid. Let there be water, juice or white wine. And hey, when cleaning time comes, you can throw it in the kitchen sink!

  • BPA Free material
  • Safe for use in food
  • Reusable water/juice bottle
  • The inner lining is treated with erityispinnoituksella
  • Will stand full of while
  • Easy to take along and to store empty
  • The convenience of karabiinilenkistä you can get it to hang on
  • Don’t ever drink the wrong bottle
  • Capacity: 0.5 L

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