Unlock Your Phone with Your Ear or Knuckles Will Be Possible with Yahoo BodyPrint

The battle for the smart unlock continues, and Yahoo Labs researchers have developed a new technology that have called Bodyprint and that use capacitive touchscreens of our smartphones for scan the body part that we put on them to identify and unlock our devices.

Can you imagine being able unlock your phone with your ear When put you on it to answer a call? Well that is not all, because Yahoo researchers have achieved that this technology also works with other parts of the body such as our fists, knuckles, fingers and even the Palm of our hand.

With this system, the screen of any of our phones you will create an image of a part of our body When we support it on her, and even though it does not have the same high resolution that scans of fingerprints which equipped with Samsung or Apple devices, ensure that it is sufficiently accurate to function properly.

Bodyprint don’t need independent sensors

This new system would also help that manufacturers could save a peak costs posed to incorporate biometric sensors on their mobiles, as Bodyprint you will not need anything other than the screen Smartphones to work.

According to researchers at Yahoo, Bodyprint compensates for the low resolution of his images with a higher rate of rejection, Although it agrees the accuracy of identification. In fact, in tests with 12 volunteers this new technology identifies the parts of the body with a 99.98% accuracy, and users with 99.52%, while the false rejection rate stood at 26.82%.

It is too early to know if this technology will get to put a dent in the mobile device market, but the possibilities you may have assign each way catch our mobile to a function, or each part you touch the screen with action, could be more than interesting. Come, to see who is the first to drop the joke…