Unique Solutions to Protect the Iphone

We are all followers of our phones and the idea of parting too long becomes unimaginable as this object has become indispensable to our daily life.

The idea of seeing it spoiled by a fall or a violent shock is very difficult given the price of a high-end smartphone. Some manufacturers try, with varying degrees of success, to improve the resistance of these mobile devices. Elaineqho proposes several ways for you to improve the iPhone.

Parachute System: Soft Landing Thanks To C02

A concept that makes us especially dream and that comes to us from Sonitdac. The Apple phone could ship a C02 cartridge and ultra-sophisticated sensors that would be able to detect a free-falling iPhone.This sensor, able to calculate the speed of fall, the distance from the ground and the orientation of the phone in space could then release the gas at the 4 angles of the mobile in order to slow down its fall and have it landing flat.

This concept draws heavily from the field of aerospace and the system used by probes to land vertically smoothly. The C02 cartridge would be rechargeable in the manner of a lighter.

On the other hand, not sure that the amount of gas contained in such a small cartridge is able to offer the iPhone a soft landing considering the speed and weight of the phone. It is unlikely that this idea will emerge in the near future but one can always dream!

Here is an explanatory video:

Apple Files Patents To Come To The Rescue Of The Iphone

On the Cupertino side, engineers are not stingy with ideas even if they are less attractive (but certainly more realistic) than the previous concept.

Thus, the firm has devised a concept that relies on the angles of the phone. The 4 corners could integrate flexible tips which deployment could cushion the fall. Here again, the system is switched on thanks to a sensor integrated in the telephone. The brand goes even further because these tips would actually be real armbands that would float the iPhone in case of fall in the water.

The concept is both surprising and seductive but it should be perfectly integrated and harmonized with the design of the smartphone without which it could quickly become unsightly.

Undoubtedly, other concepts will gradually emerge and perhaps, one day, these systems will be well integrated into future models. It will take a few years, and in the meantime a shell seems the best solution to protect our smartphones everyday.

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