Understated Flowers – Flower Power Shorts & Bomber Jacket

I had already threatened, that yet another completely waiting for floral plus size outfit you!Now, here it is in its full brilliance of colours:

Whether it’s really a plus size outfit, is however questionable, because it is wiedermal by H & M. There is final at the Männersachen virtually always at XL, and depending on the cut that fits me just — mostly rather no longer. I got lucky with this set of shorts and jacket. Luckily!!!

I had seen the outfit on the Instagram profile H & M and I fell love with spontaneously, or the “must I have”-mode starts…

Source: H & M Instagram

In the store in Frankfurt, there was also, the stuff as part of the collection. You can imagine how happy I was when I had tried on the clothes and they have changed! The plan was also to carry – at the Southside festival that is in the water please , I had reported already… The shorts are super comfortable and cut the jacket in bomber jackets trendy look. The flowers – and Palm-print makes good mood and appetite for summer like itypejob suggested!

I think the outfit is perfect for every summer night, even if it is cooler, because part of the look is finally a jacket that would be during the day too hot in summer.

Hide you can in this outfit never, unless you can find a large bed with orange flowers, ferns and palms in the Botanical Garden. But: even hide if you want?

One more thing to put on it the whole look I’ve combined still my Jeremy Scott Flames Adiletten to the splendor of the flower to the flower-power plus-size-outfit, because decency is so weak .

Somewhat toned down I is of course also… think color into your life as E.g. on a white T-Shirt, a faded black jeans and white sneakers in combination with the jacket – this is again a good autumn outfit to me to pick up. What will look good too, and is still suitable for the summer, would be flops – a white tank top and do this then simply flip ideal for the way to the beach or in the swimming pool.

I bought the CAP, which was in the same pattern, also like to, but I’m well so a giant skull, on the like no hat from H & M fits… generally I have it hard to find suitable hats, caps and beanies – I go most of the time in a store (E.g. my Cap dealer NewEra store in the MyZeil shopping centre in Frankfurt) and ask directly , what are the biggest parts… most of the time there is only a small selection. So just like in the clothes – unfortunately. I have not only a plus size body, but also a giant trevally plus size.

Quiet times dare to wear pattern, you’ll see that it’s fun!