Types Of Lighting

There are five different types of lighting, each with functionality and supplementing specific needs.We will show you each of them explaining their characteristics.

Ambient lighting refers to the general lighting of a room, illuminated in all its volume. This lighting can be created by Wall lamps, ceiling lights or halogens. The most effective is to multiply and diversify points of light by placing several lamps in the room. In this way we will achieve a more comfortable feeling and saved energy, since we do not always need the same intensity of light.

The spot is which is limited to a particular place: the office, etc. table the dining room, the bed’s headboard, It is as a supplementary light that is directed to a specific point in the room and leaving others in shadow.

To highlight a decorative element, we use the decorative lighting. This precise lighting allows to highlight a picture or highlight any object within a room. With the help of this type of lighting we can model volumes and create shadows, which are two very attractive aspects of lighting in interior decoration.

Functional lighting is adapting to the activities of the House: kitchen, bathroom, etc. We also use it in corridors and stairs. It is a type of light that is rarely aesthetic but has a functional role of comfort and safety.

And finally we have living lights that create a light moving. This type of light also called kinetic lighting. How examples will be the light that provide us the sails or even the fire in the fireplace. It is usually a light weaker than that of the rest of types, but it is a light very warm, transmitting various other sensations.