Types of Flashlights

There are many types of lanterns depending on the filter that we apply them, depends on the light we need, the more convenient to carry out our task size, if we need a rechargeable flashlight for continuous use, or if we will make occasional use of it, with what a flashlight with conventional batteries will appear more profitable.

In recent years different brands in Wholesaleably bring their technological advances to create ever more powerful and more complete flashlights. These new technologies represent major advantages in handling our flashlights and when to enjoy a more powerful beam of bright lights.

BY TYPE OF LIGHT: LED or incandescent

For some years LED technology has far surpassed conventional bulbs, thanks to its increased power when lighting and especially to their lower energy consumption. LEDs last 1000 times longer than an incandescent bulb, also not as hot as incandescent, a great advantage. Incandescent bulbs work through a filament that is activated when connected, providing light and heat. The light given off is more yellowish light given off a LED. <Read more on listofledlights.com>

The LED light is much faster than conventional bulbs light, while the filament must be heated before lighting, LED light automatically comes out. While conventional bulbs filaments continue to warm to reach full power, LED light has already traveled a distance equivalent to the orbit.


In addition, the LED light provides greater security because they are not flammable and are suitable for environments with explosive liquids or gases and at very low temperature environments. The LED light promotes environmental care as it uses no lead or mercury.

The lumens measure the luminous flux that generates a bulb, that is, the light power of a flashlight. The more lumens have a more powerful will be, but greater flashlight will be their energy consumption. Most flashlights come with different modes of use, high, medium and low, which control the power and therefore also consumption and runtime.

HID technology is the most powerful technology but also the most expensive. They operate at 11,000 volts, a discharge too high, so they are very bulky and have very little autonomy.



They are those that allow you total freedom of movement, as they leave your hands free. Usually worn on the head, but there are also prepared to adapt headlamps bike handlebar, the helmet or belt. Despite its small size, they are robust, ergonomic, powerful and easy to use flashlights.


Key Torches

They are small torches to carry around in your backpack, purse or car. They are quite efficient flashlights, as though measuring few centimeters incorporate an amount sufficient to light several meters away lumens.


They are the most common flashlights, lanterns with handle and focus. Within this type we have a huge variety, multitude of sizes, powers, types of lighting, with different types of batteries which provide varying runtimes and power.



Non-rechargeable flashlights

Powered by alkaline batteries or NiMh, although its use is not recommended for Torches led, since due to its high resistance, these batteries have sufficient power to provide the full force led they need. The other alternative for these flashlights are non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

Rechargeable flashlights led

Although they may be a little more expensive at the time of purchase, long-term investment worthwhile. They can come with rechargeable NiMh batteries, which are the most common and are available in any supermarket, or rechargeable lithium batteries (Li-Ion), the best for LED flashlights as they provide the led all the strength they need to look at maximum power.


For some years, the various leading brands torch manufacturers have patented different technologies to increase power and usability. These are the main you have to consider:

Blue Moon Focus system

It is the latest technology patented by LED Lenser. This technology separates the blue LED components and leads to the edges of the light beam, making this has as a bluish edge.



MAG-LED technology

It is a patented technology brand Maglite flashlights that delivers superior performance with minimum consumption.

Advanced Focus System (AFS)

This advanced focus system is a patented technology that lets you choose the type of approach, centered on a point and improves light long distance, or an unfocused type approach, the light does not go that far but focuses more diameter around you .


Dynamic Switch (DS)

Patented technology also LED Lenser, to switch from one mode to another very quickly and with one hand.


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