Tricot Jackets: from Simple to Sophisticated

Composing a look is not always easy. There are many colors, lengths, fabrics and accessories to be thought of, and not everyone has the patience to analyze all these factors. In addition, each occasion calls for a style of clothing, which goes from casual to social, and it is necessary to fit in each one of them, so as not to sin for little or excess of refinement.
The clothes used say a lot about the personality of each one. So the huge concern to be well dressed in a job interview, for example. Not only in this situation, but in so many others, the glances will always be aimed at whoever is attracting attention, whether for the elegance, the informal style, the bright colors that are being used, or for the good or bad taste in the combination of the pieces.
Some elements are used as clothing, but can also be considered accessories at certain times. The jacket is a good example of this since, if it is composed of a more robust material, it will warm the body when the temperature is low.
However, if his material is thin, without double cloth or linings, it will only add to the look, leaving it more elegant or stripped, depending on intent.In both cases, the jacket will help to compose the look and may be the final touch you were looking for.That is why we have prepared this matter with the knitted coats from the simple to the sophisticated.

Detailed coats

Pedraria, taxinhas, buckles, clasps, all this is welcome in the customization of a coat. If the items are used correctly, without exaggeration and without mixing them in a confusing way, they can innovate that jacket that you already sick of using. Remembering that coats also require a care , especially when we talk about knit coats.
Colorful jackets
When going to a party, for example, where your T-shirt, trousers and shoes are a combination of sober tones, it is worth betting on a more vivid color coat, to give that broken in the look.
One must be careful when betting on strong colors on the coats, when the clothing that comes underneath is also flashy.

Social jackets
Coming out of the idea of social jackets, blazers and cardigans are a great way to break the idea that to be social, it has to be in the suit model.
Coats that never go out of fashion
Leather jackets, denim jackets, men’s suits, women’s suits that can be worn in trousers and skirts, winter wool coats, sweatshirts for day to day activities and can visit the site of to find more information.

Coats that fell out of fashion
Fur coats and coats with shoulder pads, used long ago, are no longer required today. Some stylists still bet on both examples, but they are not the wave of the moment. Like other tendencies, they can still come back with everything and leave many people sorry for having dispensed them.
Versatile and all-weather jackets
It is imperative that a wardrobe contains at least one black coat of medium length for both men and women. Easy to match, it can be worn over casual clothes as well as dresses and skirts in more upscale places. I hope you all enjoyed the story, have a great week!

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