Trend of the Season: Cropped Skinny Pants


The hottest seasons of the year are already popping around, and they call for lighter, fluid parts that let the skin breathe. The trends of fashion always bring us news to each season, and the next which will even pumping are the skinny cropped jeans, you’ve seen?

Today we are going to talk about this super modern model that will invade your wardrobe, and if you are still undecided how to create looks of the season, just take a look at these tips!

5 Tips On How To Use The Cropped Skinny Pants Trend

The skinny cropped jeans are usually at ankle height and are tight, is also a trend that has come back super repaginada, reminiscent of the capri jeans of the 90’s?Yes, but now they have returned with more vibrant colors, modeling and different washes, which makes all the difference. Here are some looks tips for strong bets on the piece:

1-Pants S Kinny C Ropped+Vest

Choose a cropped skinny jeans with a washed wash, a tank top and white bottom, a basic black vest, a black peep toe or scarpin, and a black handbag.

2-Skinny Cropped Pants+Colors

Choose a cropped skinny jeans with dark wash, a cropped cropped shoulder to shoulder blouse in gray, a red sneaker and shoulder bag.

3-Top Cropped+C Cuff  Skinny Cropped

Choose a cropped skinny jeans with a higher waist and very dark wash, a caramel color belt, a single cropped front top in black, a black colored Anabela, and a caramel-colored shoulder bag.

4-Striped+Jeans Ropped

Choose a cropped skinny jeans with destroyed wash, a striped peplum blouse, a black maxi collar, a black platform and finish with a black shoulder bag.

5-Color Jeans+Shirt

Choose a cropped skinny jeans in pastel orange or pastel green, a caramel belt, a silk shirt in cream or pastel yellow, a shoulder bag in caramel color and finish with a brown Oxford.

You find skinny cropped jeans in the Consciousness Jeans store. Visit the Store at Brás at Rua Mendes Junior, 395 in São Paulo or find a reseller in your city, see here the locations.

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