Trend of Bicycle

Gadgets: every year as it introduces a lot of new products on the market.Some stops, the other will disappear as quickly as they came. Number 3 will definitely hang around a while.

Trend of Bicycle

That cycling is a hårdvarusport type, most probably during the. Without hardware in the form of a bicycle so it’s a bit hard to, uh, ride a bike. Over the years, we have seen lots of new and exciting gadgets and accessories that all promises more speed and comfort and style. Some trends will survive the honeymoon and is recognised as the new norm, while other innovations fades away after some six months. Or even faster.

Here are three smoking hot and exciting trends that we believe will change the way we bike today and in the future.

1.27.5 “/650b-hjul

Wheel Mountain have traditionally measured 26 inches. About 2004 started the bikes with 29-inch wheels to break through. Moreover, a size a little roughly as large as 700 c for road bikes. They roll over obstacles easier path stones, rocks and logs, and even though they may seem a little heavy-handed on the tight, technical trails, feels faster than 26-“.But the framework required to accept 29-“can feel awkward for some riders, especially shorter riders.

With three different wheels with four different names, it has just become a little trickier to find their next, best mountain biking. But based on the hjulstorlekens acceptance of several of the big manufacturers, the new format is here to stay. To take the best from 27.5 both worlds is not a truth. But it may be the best compromise for many cyclists, we write.

2. Less expensive GPS systems

For some riders it is a great delight in being able to upload data from their recent training trip to Strava or other social media, where you can study, comparing and beat their chests over their recent peak. But if you do not want to ride with your smart-phone, but instead use a specific bike computer that has so far been an expensive business.

Garmin’s top model 810 and little brother 500 cost many hundreds of dollars, but can also show the way with clear arrows or find the nearest grocery store.

But next year, some relatively inexpensive computers to be on the market. Soleus Draft will in the United States do not cost more than $ 100 and Japanese CatEye will launch Stealth 50. It will work with a range of heart rate monitors and watt meter that communicates via ANT + Protocol and for those who like Strava so can computer can upload files directly to the service. And this at a price of $ 150.

3. Broad is the new skinny

Bikes you road there is a high probability that your tires are 23 millimeters wide. The norm for how wide tires can and should be in order to be able to ride a bike fast and effectively and will vary with age, but 23 millimeters so far have been a good compromise is experiencing the most.

But in recent years, more and more cyclists went toward wider tires. Gravel road racing and adventure cyclists have pushed bicycle manufacturers to offer wider performance-oriented gum. Vittoria, Michelin, Continental and Schwalbe are some brands offering premium tires up to 35 mm. Here it should directly be added that far from all road frames and front forks can handle so wide tires.

Tires with large volume provides increased comfort, better grip and improved protection against punctures. On the minus side, the increased weight and if the air pressure is low also increase rolling resistance.