Top Five: These Must-Haves Belong in Every Handbag

What would be the most beautiful handbag without matching content? Now, find out what you should always find in your favorite it bag. With these practical Must-Haves, you are perfectly equipped for every situation!

Ob Bucket Bag or Shopper: Handbags accompany us every day and are much more than just coveted It-Pieces. In fact, the fashion essentials can be real saviors in need. Provided, of course, you fill your loyal companions with the right content!

The wow wallet

Even the most passionate style professionals forget this important must-have and carry around cards and cash in worn out wallet. A high-quality wallet by Picard is at least as essential as the it bag, in which it is. Finally, you get this indispensable classic several times a day, so the Key-Piece should definitely turn out to be at least as stylish as your handbag.

A tip: models in rich colors and with eye-catching animal prints are currently very trendy and real eye-catchers!

The beauty bag

The mascara smears, the lipstick fades and the complexion shines? A perfectly filled cosmetic bag is absolutely essential in every it bag. After all, you never know when your own make-up could use a quick refresher. This compact set does not need to contain many products. The most important are: Transparent powder, concealer, red lipstick, mascara and some cotton swabs. So you are perfectly equipped to start from the office directly to the after-work party! 

A sparkling piece of jewelery

Whether eye-catching earrings, stylish bracelets or the most beloved statement chain: refined jewelry can upgrade any outfit in no time. You should always have your favorite glittering must-have in your handbag if you want to revitalize your look spontaneously. By the way: It is advisable to store the shimmering piece in a small extra bag in order to avoid possible scratches.

The replacement pantyhose

Most women know the phenomenon: running skates always appear when they can be least used. And the worst: the nasty holes ruin every glamorous outfit. It is definitely worthwhile to have an emergency model in the handbag. Classically black or transparent designs are always the right choice as they fit perfectly into every ensemble. In view of the fact that the pantyhose season is currently in full swing, you should really no longer go without this must-have out of the house. 

The sunglasses

Regardless of what the morning view from the window says – the sun can be lucky at any time spontaneously look and then cool shades are actually worth gold. So you should have always a casual sunglasses with you. This stylish must-have protects your eyes from harmful UV-rays and still knives every look.