TOP 5: Light MTB Shoes

This week we continue with our series of TOP 5 components and light cycling accessories. If we saw earlier the TOP5 of light road shoes today is turn of her sisters in MTB, say sisters because it is not surprising to see models of road having its MTB version in this list.

1 Shimano Xc51

Shimano has a few years designing and manufacturing a line of shoes shimano MTBwhich, although not notable for their appearance, are a very reliable alternative to specific brands. An example found in the XC51, sober but everything you can ask for a mid-range sneaker.

With 316 grams per shoe they bear a decent weight that exceeds in lightness to high ranges of SIDI or the own Northwave, these shoes include:

The polyurethane sole tacos that improve the stability of the pedal

Additional Taco mount in the sole

Micrometric closure and belt antipresion during push movement

2 Northwave Extreme Tech Plus Mtb

A few old known in this type of rankings and they used to grab the top positions in lightness to the arrival of the Whisper. Its design has not gone for nothing of fashion and they are still the favorite of many riders of the cup of the world XC.

A single shoe is around 255 grams, weight excellent taking into account everything that include:

Manufacture without seams and ergonomic

Boas’s precision micrometric closures

Heel retention and ventilation openings in the sole system

3 Spiuk 16mc

Another Spanish brand that sneaks into the TOP 5 with a MTB light and mid-priced sneakers. The 16MC have a fresh design based on colors fluorine, simple lines and easy to clean material.

We are talking about 310 grams per shoe, moderate weight for sneakers that integrate a lot of tacos and two latches of boa, in addition to:

Fibre sole carbon K3

Direct transpiration through perforations

Internal and external abrasion-prone areas reinforcements

4 Catlike Whisper Mtb

No doubt Catlike has successful with the range of shoes mtb for 2015, the Catlike Whisper MTB are top sales not only for its groundbreaking design, but for its value for money.

Its weight is located around 327 grams, despite not being the most light incorporates high-end features using half that capped the range of other brands, notable for:

Sole with infusion of Graphene and Nylon, a combination designed to give rigidity and lightness

Multiple air vents

Closure of boas, own the high end but with the price of the average system

5 Sidi Eagle 5 Fit

SIDI shoes They are not precisely characterized by its lightness, but in one of its flagships weight is enough content. We talk about the 5 FIT, one of the best-selling mountain bike shoess and that most attract attention by their yellow fluor.

Its weight is touching the 347 grams, which is logical if we take into account the consistency and robustness which characterizes all shoes SIDI’s road or mountain, fits 5 also stand out by:

Upper part made of lorica, more consistent and light skin

Patented by SIDI and micrometric closing notched velcro strips

Reinforced heel and sustituible to last longer shoes

All these bike shoes can be purchased from Newvilleoutdoor.