TOP 5: Light Cycling Backpacks

When we speak of lightness when buying a backpack for cycling not only we are dealing with a subject of “performance”. Do a marathon MTB with several kilos back not only is cumbersome and inefficient, but it also can cause discomfort and stiffness that will directly affect our health.

In addition to the weight the way Backpack is designed largely determine your comfort.Aspects to consider are the handles wide, with breathable fabric, whose length and height are adjustable, and who of course join in chest height that you want. This will cause that the backpack does not move by charged is, avoiding imbalances.

Attached to the handles, the back of our backpack for MTB must be consistent for what we charge no us key is on the back, but at the same time as sufficiently padded and breathableto avoid sweating too much.

So choose a cycling backpack light and comfortable to ensure greater comfort and the ability to load more water, tools or sticks and energy gels.

We have selected 5 simple, comfortable and lightweight hydration backpack models in our catalogue so you can have it clear in choosing:

1 Camelbak Hydrobak

Camelbak is without a doubt the reference in terms of hydration backpack refers.Hydroback model is your reference within the range most simple, simple and light. It has mesh handles highly breathables, easy-adjust straps and a small cargo compartment that allows you to host a fishcake, a gel and a mobile phone (well huddled together).

The Camelbak Hydrobak Pack is the most lightweight and compact of our catalogue, with 160 grams of weight, its characteristics:

Capacity: 1.5 litres of fluid

Pockets: 1 small

Size: 33 x 18 x 9 cm.

2 Shimano Unzen

Shimano is another manufacturer of backpacks MTB with an interesting catalogue, but in what refers to Lightweight backpacks only has a reference. To buy the Shimano Unzen we are acquiring a very adaptable model, given that their handles are regulated both by external straps, in length and position on the trellis system, thanks to the system of internal adjustment that allows you to place the load on the part of the back most comfortable we.

To treat a light backpack for cycling has two cargo pockets where we can carry tools, documentation, bars and smartphone without any problem. Also incorporates external stretch where we can perfectly clamp cameras or decks without fear to fall.

Backpack Shimano Unzen 2 L is not exactly the lightest, its weight It is located at 299 grams , but its versatility and capacity to adjust to a backpack as compact Nestle it to the TOP2:

Capacity: 2 litres of liquid

Pockets: 2 (1 upper, 1 lower grille internal and external elastic)

Size: 36 x 23.5 x 10 cm.

3 Camelbak Classic

Other Camelbak and no wonder, as copan, 4 of the 5 models that we will see in this article.The concept of the Camlebak Classic is similar to the of the Shimano Unzen 2 L. A backpack with capacity of 2 litres of liquid with enough cargo space to carry a basic selection of tools and personal belongings.

The adjusting handles is more limited, being similar to the of his little sister “Pack”, which also shares the breathable handles.

Its lightness is the Camelbak line, with a weight of 190 grams not inconsiderable for a backpack with cargo of objects:

Capacity: 2 litres of liquid

Pockets: 1 lower

Size: 38 x 25 x 10 cm.

4 Camelbak Aurora

Probably one of the better designed market cycling backpacks.

Camelbak Aurora is designed for girls, for two simple reasons that make it more comfortable for the female audience. First the harness that together the two handles is adjustable in height, thus avoided the discomfort of the pressure in her breasts, furthermore the handles is more pronounced to so conform better to the torso of the women.

On the other hand the trellis fabric is softer, thinking about the fact that some girls use t-shirts to go on the bike, in this way avoids inappropriate chafing.

Another remarkable aspect when purchasing backpack Camelback Aurora is carrying capacity. It not only has 2 pockets, inferior even has 2 nets with rubber to prevent objects from moving. Also behind the lower Pocket there is a space open mesh side and adjustable by straps which can accommodate easily a raincoat or other clothing.

All these features make the weight of the Camelbak Aurora is 280 grams in numbers inbetween this Pack includes:

Load capacity: 3 litres + 2 litres of liquid

Pockets: 3 (1 bottom, 1 top, 1 compartimeinto of mesh)

Size: 38 x 18 x 14 cm.

5 Camelbak Rogue

This is the male equivalent of the Aurora. The Camelback Rogue backpack is a step above the 3 first from the top in terms of load capacity It is concerned.

Like the rest of Camelbak backpacks handles are made with breathable mesh, it has 3 same Aurora loading magazines, including internal screens for organize the bottom Pocket tools.

It is ideal for long MTB gear cycling backpack that you need amount of fluid (2 litres) and also require space to carry sticks, gels, fruit and all the Tools to not stay lying in the middle of the mountain.

Surprised that despite all these features the weight stays at 260 grams, more figures to highlight:

Load capacity: 3 litres + 2 litres of liquid

Pockets: 3 (1 bottom, 1 top, 1 compartimeinto of mesh)

Size: 40 x 26 x 15 cm.