Top 5 Cheap Running Shoes of 2017

In recent years, the practice of running has become more than a fad, has become a way of life, but how to choose the best model of sneakers?

We have carried out an investigation of 20 hours, comparing and analyzing 40 products on the market and we have selected the 5 best sneakers running cheap for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we offer you 2 useful sections that will help you make the best decision:

  1. The best cheap running shoes of 2017
  2. What to keep in mind when buying a running shoe

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1. the best cheap running shoes of 2017

Best brands

The world of running shoes has risen to leaps and bounds in recent years, giving way to the emergence of a multitude of brands specialized in the manufacture of this type of footwear:

  • Nike: Nike is a synonym of confort, is synonymous with quality, and is that cheap sneakers for running this brand are especially designed to guarantee the maximum comfort in each tread. Her designs are modern, care and perfect finishes.
  • Adidas: sneakers Adidas brand also boasts an interesting catalog of shoes specially designed for running. Its products combine quality, design, comfort and price, so they are presented as one of the best brands in the market.
  • Reebok: Another major star is Reebok, a prestigious brand specializing in the manufacture of sports shoes. These shoes have as main hallmark, quality manufacturing materials that give them great durability and resistance.
  • ASICs: Asics brand has managed to position itself with great strength in the market in a short time, at the height of major brands and all this is thanks to your designs, high quality, great comfort and great durability in time at a really affordable price.

Top 5 cheap running shoes of 2017

We then offer you a listing that includes the 5 best sneakers of running cheap 2017, slippers that make design, comfort, quality and price.

5 Reebok 2.0 Almotio B00SCORNLK

These prestigious brand Reebok running shoes are synonymous with high quality, brand name of great international recognition. These shoes made of leather, are especially suitable for children. They have a simple velcro closure, so that children can fasten them by themselves.

Its lining is fabric, while their sole is made of polyurethane. The sole is flat, but with a slight heel 3 cm in height. It is a perfect shoe to support the constant game of children at school, enduring hits and rods caused in the day to day.

Manufacturing materials are robust, materials of high quality which guarantee durability and resistance. These multicolored shoes main colors are white, red and dark blue. They are also available in black and purple. The brand name is stamped in the heel area.


  • This children footwear is ideal to be able to support all kinds of bumps, scratches and constant use at school. These shoes made of leather and fabric are tough, durable and robust. Its design is nice, modern and carefully, with a perfect finish. Easy velcro closure.


  • These shoes are simple, without offering a cutting-edge or innovative design. Its design is traditional as in the majority of shoes for children.

Very interesting shoes toddler shoes good, nice and cheap, as well as robust and resistant. They are perfect for small houses enjoy a shoe that fits your needs. Totally recommended.

A shoe comfortable, beautiful, resistant and proof from bumps and scratches of the children. A safe bet.

4 Skechers who Ride B0073RKS46

These famous American brand Skechers running shoes are available in multiple colors, bright and cheerful. Ideal for women and girls, these shoes feature a lace-up closure and a flat heel with a height of 2 cm. Flexible and comfortable slippers.

The outer material, sole and lining are made in synthetic material. They are very light, perfectly adapted to the foot, allowing total freedom of movement. They ensure comfort and stability in each tread, being perfect for running long stretches.

In the area of the heel can be found stamped the name brand, as well as the tongue and the inside of the shoe. They are a wide fit shoes, so not tight. They are very easy and quick to clean, so you can always keep them in perfect condition.


  • Really comfortable and lightweight shoes to walk or run long distances. They are perfect both to train and compete. Its design is nice, cheerful and colorful, with a perfect finish. They avoid that feet are loaded or tired. They adapt perfectly to the foot.


  • These shoes do not offer much cushioning. It is not recommended for very slow rhythms or too fast, but that are advisable for more normal rhythms.

Great shoes for those seeking beautiful slippers at good price, good quality and very comfortable for running, although no big demand. The costs that are not ask them more. An interesting proposal.

Very light and very comfortable shoe. Ideal to train or compete. Beautiful and perfect finish design.

3 Asics 7 Patriot B00MMCGPOO

Technical data and functions

Great shoe brand Asics women’s running. The outer material as well as the sole material are manufactured from synthetic materials. The lining of these shoes is textile. With lace-up closure, these shoes look a pretty purple, lime, black and white.

Both the tongue and the inside of the shoe, the shoe brand have recorded. The sole is resistant, durable and solid, perfect to enjoy long walks or races so light and comfortable. These shoes fit the foot like a glove on a hand.

Its design is very nice and lively, with a perfect finish. Perfect if you are looking for shoes for running, walking or by any other sport. They are perfect to use for hours and hours without being feet resent or end up sore. Perfect for demanding riders.


  • Great shoes at a very economical price. Beautiful slippers, perfect finish, comfortable, light and light. They adapt perfectly to the foot, facilitating each tread. They are tough, durable and solid. These shoes are very versatile, being able to use them for running, walking, etc.


  • The damping that offer is not very good. They are not waterproof, so the water can be accessed to the shoe on rainy days.

These shoes are a very interesting shop in all the senses. Good quality, nice design, great comfort, great resistance and priced very interesting, so you cannot ask more. A great buy if you are looking for a sneaker for you or to give.

Good shoes at a reasonable price. Perfectly fastened the foot, guaranteeing greater security in each tread.

2 Merrell Bare Access 3 B00I4S75TO

These beautiful sneakers from running the prestigious brand Merrell mens are synonymous with quality. They have mesh and synthetic outer material coating. The heel is flat with a sole made of resistant and non-slip rubber. The closure of this model is laced.

These shoes are very comfortable and light, a lightweight shoe that adapts perfectly to the feet, allowing each tread without discomfort or pain. They are perfect to be able to walk or run for hours and hours without any problems. They allow to enjoy greater sensitivity in each tread.

Its modern and Nice, design is perfect for demanding men seeking a first for running shoes. They provide good protection to each impact. The materials are tough, durable and sturdy, sneakers with a perfect finish.


  • These shoes are beautiful, light, comfortable, resistant and with a perfect finish. They are ideal to use for hours running or walking. They adapted perfectly to the foot. Its design is care and manufactured with first class materials.


  • The size is rather small, so it is advisable to choose half or more number to make them perfectly.

This footwear is a purchase 100% recommended for men demanding looking for quality and comfort in its cheap running sneakers. A wise purchase in every way if you run regularly and need a good shoe for your running sessions. They fulfill their function.

Perfect shoes for running. They are comfortable, beautiful, tough, light and with a great finish. Comply with its mission.

1 adidas Ultra Boost M B017EZDIRU

These magnificent Adidas running shoes are specially designed for men who know what they want, demanding men looking for quality, comfort and good resistance in your footwear. The lining of these shoes is made of fabric and its outer material is synthetic.

These shoes are characterized by being truly comfortable in each tread, lightweight and lightweight shoes that adjust perfectly to the foot of each user, ensuring maximum comfort and great cushioning. Ideal for enjoying them for hours and hours.

They are suitable both for walking and running. Available in various colors, these shoes feature a modern design and care in every detail. They offer a perfect finish. They have lace-up closure. The brand name is stamped on the tongue.


  • These cheap running shoes are a great option since they offer many advantages. They are comfortable, light, resistant, durable, is adapted to the foot, offer perfect finish, and are very versatile. Great value for money.


  • The cost of these shoes is something higher than other models of brand shoes.

Excellent running shoe. Buy 100% recommended if you are looking for a high quality in your shoes for running and not want to get unpleasant surprises. Although their cost is rather high, this model is worth both for quality and for comfort and strength. A safe bet.

First level slippers for demanding riders. They perfectly comply with their function. Comfortable, resistant and of good quality.

2. what keep in mind when buying a running shoe

When you buy a cheap running shoes, it is important to take into consideration several key aspects such as those quoted below:

  • Number: Remember that choosing the right number is essential to enjoy your running shoes. It is advisable to leave approximately a centimeter between the fingers and the tip of the shoe.
  • Weight: Weight is an important aspect to consider. Does not need the same footwear a person weighing 60 kg a person who weighs 90 kilos. If your weight exceeds 80 kilos, keep in mind to choose a shoe with good cushioning.
  • Surface: The same requirements are not required to run on asphalt or road running through sand, field or similar. It is important to choose the shoe depending on the use you give.
  • Training/competition: it is not the same choose a shoe for training that choosing a shoe for competition. The aim is different, as well as the requirements that are needed in each shoe.

Training is recommended that its weight varies between 300 and 400 grams, while lighter shoes, shoes with weights between 150 and 280 grams is required in the case of competitions.

If you wish to buy some cheap running shoes, remember our proposals… surely that will meet your expectations!