Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Autumn is now scary time… Even if you, dear mothers and fathers, the end of October after head pretty autumn walks, the first evenings stands in front of fireplace and wonderfully warm pumpkin soup, your children probably have only one thing in mind: Halloween. For many years sums up this Irish-American tradition in Germany walking and has developed to festivals in size calendar for children.

Did you know by the way that the name of Halloween All Hallow’s Eve comes and actually called the evening before All Saints? Not we, but makes sense now, it explained but the whole skeleton, vampire and zombie costumes. Surely therefore a slightly macabre event, but for children above all a pretty funny. For those of you who already satisfies the pumpkin carving and like to spend not all the weekends or evenings so, zusammenzuschneidern the scariest, disfigured and most funniest costumes for your children, we have 10 outfits picked out, which we find quite good and usually pretty creepy , With certainly one is that your son can be the dreadful-dreadful mini-witch in no time to the Lord of darkness or your daughter. So then `s proper style on the tour to trick or treat.

But let’s start at the top with two proposals for the little ones: First, we love you because this pretty and damn cute pumpkin costume warmly recommend. That is the real Halloween classic for babies and in each looks really super cute.

You are fans of “Black Swan”, the dark side of each ballerina? Then your daughter pulls the ” My First Halloween” costume and turns vintage Halloween masks into a Mini-edition of Natalie Portman.

Or you send your daughters as horrific Halloween bride on Candy Catch. The costume boasts a very detail-drafting and presenting itself with a number of applications that you might know of the ballet outfits your little ones. Especially highlight of the costume: The veil and the creepy belly motif.

Something harmless, albeit with proper ambience just angseinflößend is this ghost Cape Classic a la Scream , for which it also needs no elaborate face makeup along with the correct mask and is also to have quite favorable with just under 13 €.

Honestly, it must also not always super creepy. I liked it especially the really cute witch costume clothed with the pointed hat and the stars and points of tulle. At the sight of it is still enchants the same, right?

An absolute duration Renner for boys is also the pirate costume, which I regard as worn degenrierte Jack Sparrow for particularly disgusting and this version…

Elegant is what this witch costume that is wonderfully suited for all the girls who like best to go as a princess, but having to wait until Carnival.

As if lifted from the Dance of the Vampires looks your little one, if you with her in this bloodsucker costume goes on candy-hunting in the neighborhood. The baroque applications make the part for real eye-catcher.

This wide-cut skeleton costume is for boys probably just as for girls and is another classic in our list.Of course, the fluorescent skeleton glows in the dark …

Well this is for the elegant young men Magician Costume very well suited, although it easily fall out of the classic Halloween horror rail.

So! Hoffenlich you now find anything and unto your children with these costumes bring a scary-good Halloween. Remember, if not, then there’s Treat!

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