To Work With Style: How To Combine A Blazer

If there is a rescued garment where there are and a must haveby nature, that is a blazer. A jacket that combines with everything and that especially gives a serious touch whilesophisticated to the most casual look you can imagine. Do you want to know how?

White Blazer

This Spring-Summer season stores are flooded with blazers, all models and colors. We start with the white ones, ideal to wear during the summer season, as they bring a touch of light to your look.

The best thing about white is that it combines with all the colors, so you can choose to combine it with a skinny jeans and you will get a more formal but comfortable outfit. If you prefer to go more serious and formal choose a white shirt , to go to a meeting is a perfect choice.

Stella McCartney, faithful to its minimalist and immaculate style, is committed to thetotal white look.

More youthful is the proposal of Haakan who prefers to show leg with a mini-skirt… try a shorts, also feel very good. In both cases, choose a top and without neckline, because to go to the office does not need to teach too much. In Mango and Zara there is a great variety of white blazer, with different lengths and cuts.

Celine prefers oversize… less feminine.

One of the designs that I like this season is the sleeveless blazer. A kind of long vest with lapel in nude litasolada, very feminine and sophisticated, perfect for the hottest days.You can choose it and combine it with the options that I have recommended previously.

Blazer for a sailor look

One of the most successful styles is the sailor style. It is true that it is already widely seen, but it is an ideal alternative to go to work at this time. To get it the best option is anavy blazer or red. And if you have details golden buttons, even better. More navy yet!

If your blazer is simple and you want to add a navy element, it is another recommended option: for example an anchor-shaped clasp.

A striped shirt in navy blue and white or a red … simple cotton, which we call basic are perfect for this style. And if in spite of all this you find your choice bland, opt for a handkerchief of seamstress print.

Black Blazer, A Classic

The black blazer is a classic. It seems that we always associate it at night or a boring suit, but no, the black blazer is above all elegant, cosmopolitan. Best of all it combines with any garment and you can take an unlimited match.

If you want to go tidy but informal, combine it with jeans . If you prefer an imposing and serious style, opt for a total black look.

And if you want variety, mix it up with bold and bold colors. From a yellow dress to a pleated skirt, so fashionable this season, in watermelon.

In all cases you will be perfect to go to the office. And a trick, if from the office you have to go to an event at night, you can choose a more suitable night top and the blazer will disguise in the office during the day. Then you can remove it at the party and be fantastic. Or choose a dress whose charm is in the back to the air, look excessive to go to the office, but the blazer covers it. At the party you take it off and shine like one more. It never fails.

Printed Blazer

For the most daring and of course, for those who like to dress in an original way, there are blazer with animal print (leopard or zebra) or polka dots, which you can mix with jeans in a pair of tweezers.

Personally I am more classic and I do not like these types of prints so much, but for lovers of casual style are ideal.

Blazer Of Strong Colors Or Pastel?

The colored blazer is fashionable. Most firms bet on red, a very flattering tone. When one feels confident about herself she usually opts for flashy tones … so to go to the office is a great recommendation. Classical but cheeky.

With a blazer of color you can get an outfit color block , which keeps sending this season

And my great discovery, the knit blazers: comfortable, stylish and best of all, do not wrinkle. This season I bought a black one in Mango and I’m delighted. Have you tried them? Zara also has them in a great variety of colors (green, fuchsia, blue klein).

They are tight to the waist as a belt, which makes them more feminine garments.

The blazer also bet on the trend this season: pastel colors. In PLUS-SIZE-TIPS you can find models in large size.