Tireless Wrist Watches from Japan

“The clock is more expensive, that someone is, the less time he has.” (Josef Balogun, author)

1995 was the launch of the revolutionary new technology from Japan. Eco-drive means the renunciation of conventional batteries. An effective solution to the disposal of hazardous waste. The contribution to environmental protection is therefore considerable. All models are available through mail order.

What is eco-drive?
A solar cell Silicon provides the energy for the watches. It can convert natural and artificial light in electrical energy. Brightness penetrates through the Crystal and dial, the solar cell absorbs it and transforming it. The generated energy is stored in a so-called secondary battery. It is rechargeable and supplied electricity to the clock. The dark power reserve differs from model to model; the clock can be so some time in the dark and works yet. The maximum time duration is 8 years. the first eco-drive watch in 1996 received an award: the eco mark seal. No battery replacement, a secondary battery without hazardous metals!

Eco-drive models of citizen
The watches meet the highest aesthetic demands. The wide product range offers something for everyone. The chronometer cost approximately €130 to €800. The latest model for men’s titanium eco-drive radio controlled clock is the citizen BY0050-58E. The frosted, polierte Titangehäuse measures 4.25 cm in width and in height 1.27 cm. It has a radio controlled quartz movement with eco-drive drive and withstands water pressure up to 10 bar. The clock shows 4 time zones (Europe, Japan, USA and China). The black Sunray dial makes an interesting contrast to the titanium Strip. In addition, it has a stopwatch and a 24-hour display. Its power reserve is 240 days.

Reviewed by CENTRALLEDWATCH, the citizen FE1010-57 H eco-drive ladies watch is fitted with a stainless steel case and a stainless steel band. Equipped with a solar quartz movement has a 240 day power reserve. A date display and a central seconds hand complete this design. Weighs only 85 g, their waterproof holds up to 5 bar.

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