Tips to Use Leggings and Not Die Trying

The leggings since they returned to being a fashion became hated by many and loved by others, each who might have an opinion about this pledge, however, there is no why to have them as bad, since they are only one option to dress and using them properly can make you feel divinely.

Without a doubt, the leggings are a garment care, due to that – like all – you can benefit or harm, why must know how to make them the best.

It the first thing to understand is that they are not pants, perhaps this is the most common mistake of those who use these garments, since they combine it with tops short, in such a way that their anatomy can apreciarce perfectly and even most of the time you can realize you up to what kind of underwear are using. You have to understand that the leggings fabric is thin and tight, so if you use them as pants will not you see well despite having a very good body.

Without a doubt, the best company of the leggings are long blouses, whether they are blouses or tops camiseras long and loose, preferably that mainly cover your buttocks. Thus you will be great and very tastefully, in addition to that you will be very comfortable.

Another good companion of the leggings are high boots, since they are very chic because they define your legs even more. If the weather is warm you can use them with boots or flats.

Under no circumstances use leggings with a tight top, as we explained at the beginning, the leggings are a garment very tight to your body, so you must create a balance in your appearance. Despite what is created, walk all set is in very bad taste.

To further enhance your look you can add layers to your outfit. Already with the preno knowledge that should be used in more loose clothing and “larguitas” company, you can use several layers that can also give some shape to your figure… a jacket may be an excellent option.

And finally, another of the basic tips for the leggings is that you try to use ones that are transparenten not so easy, since otherwise you could have a very bad time even if you bring a shirt. The fabric must be sufficiently thick so that nothing, not transparent so it tries to stretch them a bit before you buy, so you can check that when stretched the fabric will not be thinner.