Tips To Succeed With The Choice Of Swimwear

The summer season is around the corner and the time comes to renew one of the clothes that left most of our figure exposed, with their virtues and faults, becomes the most important garment and that more attention must pay at the time of your choice. 
As for the rest of the clothes, there are a series of guidelines that will help us to Stylize and balance our silhouette, as well as to promote or conceal certain parts of our anatomy that we like or dislike us.

Based on various types of suits of bath, its design, colors, ornaments or details, and the way in which influence on each type of silhouette and its possible “imperfections” in the case of having them, we offer a few tips so you don’t go in the choice of the garment star of the summer.

To begin, it is necessary to know, know the kind of silhouette that has possess, this will be basic to choose the garment or garments more appropriate to compensate the figure, so that this be seen as provided possible. If you are not sure what type of silhouette is yours you can refer to it in our article types of female silhouettes, it is very simple and you will help you out for sure. On the other hand, you should be aware of what your strengths are and which are not so much to be able to highlight them or hide them or conceal them.

Once having clear as indicated in the previous paragraph already we can begin with the analysis of the garment’s bathroom that most will highlight our physical qualities.

According To The Characteristics Of The Swimsuit, We Must Pay Attention To The Following Details:


The quality of the fabric where the swimsuit is made influences considerably how this will look on our figure, not to mention the resistance offered by these tissues to Sun, chlorine, or sand and saltwater from the sea, which of course, is quite superior to the resistance offered bathing suits in a slightest quality fabrics.

Never has it been you that after a few days on the beach your bikini or bathing suit has been deformed, transferred, or lost color? This is due to low resistance of the materials that have been used in its preparation. Therefore, if you have the possibility of investing a little more in this garment, no doubt it.


The color is a very useful “tool”, that used correctly will play an important role in our favor. Thus, the colors dark and off key, Stylize, conceal; While the colors bright and clear have just the opposite effect. Having said that, we will use dark colors in those broader areas or that they do not like and we want to hide. On the other hand, most light colors will help us to add volume in those areas which need it (to balance the silhouette) and will also serve to draw attention to those other areas we want to reveal, diverting the attention of the most “critical” points or less we like our anatomy.

In the case of the prints, should take into account details such as its size, available, their colors and intensity of the contrast on the background color.

The prints, how much larger are more volume added to the area where they are placed. Similarly, if the colors are striking and in addition offer a high contrast, attention will focus on the area where they are located. Therefore, they may be used in areas where you want to add some volume or others you want to extol.

Of course, there are patterns as they may be vertical stripes and diagonals which provide verticality, and therefore to Stylize and key figure.


Appliques such as ruffles, sequins, metals, belts and details as gathers or drapes, like prints will add volume and will attract attention to the area where they are located. For this reason will have to pay attention and place them in areas that we want to reveal.

Therefore, Depending On The Type Of Silhouette Is Recommended…

Hourglass Silhouette

This type of figure is perfectly balanced, whereupon, the choice of swimwear can be based on physical qualities that we wish to highlight, always taking care to maintain the ratio that already has.

Silhouette Guitar

Being a fairly proportionate silhouette, recommendations for the choice of swimwear will be focused on the one hand, to structure a little shoulder, this square necklines will be great and, on the other hand, to maintain the ratio at the lower half of the body, which will be elected panties or shorts from waist to an average height.

Triangle Silhouette

This silhouette carries the weight in the hip area. To compensate the figure you will need to add some extra volume in the upper part of the body.

In the case of bikinis, it is recommended to choose the bottom in smooth and dark colors. It is important that this garment (panties or shorts) is simple, the most basic possible, without ties, Ruffles, sparkles, or any motif that can add volume in the area. Tiny and low-waisted. On the other hand, for top (usually small chest) we can choose something more eye-catching, glitters and bold prints will be perfect to get the volume we need to harmonize our silhouette.

In the case of opting for a one-piece bathing suit you can play with colors to add the necessary volume to the upper zone, which in this type of silhouette is than is needed to compensate. For example, you can choose a two-tone suit where the top part is a color light, bright, bright and that at the bottom is a dark, and preferably opaque. Alternatively, bathing suits with color gradient (always the lighter color on top).

In both cases, finite straps and neckline balconnet or strapless model work very well in this type of silhouette.

Inverted Triangle Silhouette

In this type of silhouette, the burden falls on the upper half of the body. To compensate the figure you will need to add some volume in the lower half of the body, just the opposite of what in the triangle silhouette.

In the case of bikinis, it is advisable to choose the top as simple as possible, preferably in dark, smooth colors and glitters. Bottom knotted on both sides, volantitos, side applique metallics and prints eye-catching, will help us compensate for the silhouette.

In the case of choosing a one-piece swimsuit, the pico deep v-neck contributes verticality therefore in addition to stylize the figure, helps to subtract volume in the zone, which would be perfect. Another little thing, always more light at the top.

In both cases, use straps widths to the shoulder area is not wide. Never use straps finite, knotted type halter necklines to the neck.

Silhouette Rectangle

In this type of silhouette shoulder and hip are well proportioned, but the waist is poorly defined. Therefore, what we need is to create the illusion of a sinuous figure, with more curves.

In the case of bikinis, the garment of the lower part (panties) with low waist and volantitos or knotted on either side are perfect to create an illusion of a hip slightly more anchita and therefore the result is a more defined waist and a more curvaceous silhouette.

In the case of select the one-piece swimsuit, whether it is slim, you can bet by a trikini’s low shot. In any other case, the bathing suits with a darker color Strip to the waist is ideal, this strip can be obtained with the help of a belt.

In both cases, details of shapes rounded as moles or a heart shape neckline will also help to create the illusion of a more sinuous silhouette.

Oval Silhouette

This silhouette, shoulder, abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks and legs tend to roundness. Therefore, we will choose a swimsuit that styling in addition to providing structure.

Ideal for this type of figure is to use one piece swimsuit, but if you do not like the idea always can resort to the singular tankini (swimsuit t-shirt and bikini bottoms).

You choose the type of costume you choose, opt for opaque colors, no bright colors. Geometric prints, tiny and dark background, vertical and diagonal stripes are also an excellent alternative.

Choose flattering necklines; very pronounced v-shaped necklines and halter (knotted around the neck) type, in addition to structuring the shoulder area provide slenderness in the upper part of the body. Finally, to achieve that the legs look more stylized to choose a high-cut leg.

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Good, because here the article today. Remember that these recommendations are General, since some of you and myself (for not going any further) need to pay attention to more than one point of our anatomy.

If you want more information, you can find it in our next article. It will be an annex to this, and we will dedicate it to address the issue of ” most conflictive zones ” and the way that can be disguised with the swimsuit. In addition to other physical characteristics affecting us in choosing the most appropriate model.