Tips For Pants

Earthy: Tips for Pants!- The pants in earthy tones won, definitely a wardrobe space and looks masculine. Those parts that were not as well seen by men who had a little bit of fear exiting the traditional jeans today are the great feeling of the last seasons.

But despite the strong tendency and versatility, those who have never used the earthy pants may find it’s not as simple a combination with the piece. It takes attitude, know the look, use the right accessories and other factors. So, in this article, we separated the tips for you! Want to see?

Follow the rules

Earthy pants are, in General, versatile. However, even so, there are some ground rules for the look stay suitable according to the occasion.

For the day, there are almost no restrictions for the earthy pants. They call attention to casual or more formal celebrations events. It all depends, of course, the way you combines with other pieces.

As the earthy tone is strong and the pants are usually made of firmer material, it is important to choose lighter parts to the top. Light shirts and lightweight fabrics are always the best option. The white, beige and gray colors are not to miss. But, you can make the look with shirts in military green and blue, since in light shades.

Even if for some earthy pants don’t go with the night, we say the opposite. After all, the combination is entirely up to you and how you feel. For the night, you should have the attention of use dark shades on the shirts. Black is the right color. Lead tones, green moss, dark jeans and Red are colors that fall very well for nighttime looks.

Be careful not to wear shirts or jackets in earthy tones too. The monochromatic visuals don’t work very well in this case.

Harmonize earthy pants with shoes

Important item for the visual, the footwear should also have harmony with the earthy pants.

For shoes, you can bet in earthy colours, but never to be the same tone jeans. It’s important to let the pants featured and prefer a lighter shoe to create a good contrast.

The sneakers white or beige are also great combinations with earthy pants. This footwear is an option for those looking for more casual and visuals for less formal events.

Like the tips? Following these combinations you have everything to blow in visual. Keep watching our blog and receive more tips to make your look!