Tips for Choosing the Right Pillow

It is equally important to choose the right pillow as you choose the right mattress. Wrong pillow can also degrade the quality of the mattress. Your pillow is essential to the quality of your sleep, so you should insist on the best. It is important to choose a pillow that suits your needs. JYSK offers a plethora of pillows in all price ranges to meet different needs and wishes. Our cushions are divided into three groups:

At JYSK we will help you select the right pillow. To make it even easier, we have created a synoptic classification pillows with respect to quality and height (with the exception of our special pillows). Our guide through the world of pillows on e Pillow Cases.

When choosing a pillow is good to answer the first few questions

  • Are you satisfied with rather high or rather low pillow?
  • Sleeping on your side, back, or stomach?
  • Which type of filling you prefer?Feathers, artificial fibers, or anatomically shaped foam?

From our fillings in pillows can certainly pick the best:

1st feathers and down
feathers and down pillows adds a pleasant elasticity and suppleness, so filling it can move freely and provide head comfort, whether you lie on your side, on your stomach or on your back.

2nd filling of synthetic fiber
pillows filled with a synthetic fiber can usually be washed at high temperatures and repeatedly dryable, and are suitable for allergy sufferers. Compared with pillows with feather fillings are often able to maintain at high quality low price. 3rd Memory foam pillows shaped foam is heat-sensitive, which means that you can fit the shape of your head. This provides optimum support neck. If you prefer to sleep on your side, this is where you type the right pillow. 4th Natural latex natural latex obtained from the rubber tree resin. Its great advantage is an open cell structure, thanks to which it can effectively remove moisture. Pillows made of latex therefore provide excellent comfort.

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