Tips for Choosing the Right Pillow

Some checks are a prerequisite for better choose his pillow, such as the position adopted during the sleep, the size, the filling material and density.

Do not neglect your allergies when choosing a pillow and avoid any pillow that contains materials that irritate you while you sleep. Remember that there is not a single product that adapts to any behavior during sleep, so verification can take relatively significant time to choose his pillow and personalize his purchase. Most retailers sell pillows in a variety of sizes: small, medium, large or standard, Queen and King.

Set the sleeping position

Take note of the regular position you take in your sleep, either on your side, back or stomach, and favor a flat pillow if you sleep on your back. A person used to sleep on his side needs to choose his pillow in order to adapt to the shape of the neck, and to provide appropriate support and keep your head high enough to ensure that the spine is aligned. Similarly, avoid big pillows if you prefer to sleep on his stomach. For this position, you can use a flat pillow under the hips.

Choose the size

Hold the pillow between your hands to assess its relative weight. Choose pillows that are lighter and more plump rather than those who are heavier. Opt also for denser pillows. It should be his pillow in wide sizes preferably. In choosing his pillow, there are several sizes of pillows that include: the standard, the standard over-sized, Queen, King and European square.

Try the pillow

Put your weight on the pillow and see how it keeps its shape. His pillow, to select those who return to their original shape when removing the weight of the pillow. Scrunch the pillow with your arm. Watch the pillow and give preference to those who don’t collapse at the ends, that better because the pillows will have been filled better they will stand in place.

Check the coverage

Look at the outer shell and try to see if the frame seems pretty tight to hold the content inside the lining. In addition, in order to choose his pillow, it is important to read the label to learn more about its content. Beware of the pillows which do not have a fixed correctly label or that do not contain any information about their manufacture.

Check the fill

Expect to pay more for the down pillows as well as full of feathers softer and more resistant, such as goose feathers, and less for less resistant feathers, as the feathers of Turkey and chicken feathers. Give preference to the solid synthetic pillows instead to pillows to fill low, contributing to good his pillow, because solid pillows filling helps them keep their shape better and for long periods.