Tips For Choosing The Pillow

Together with the mattress and mattress, the pillow is part of the “equipment” that facilitates the night rest. Perhaps because of its small size, was one of the great forgotten, but in recent times has acquired the importance it really deserves.

Choosing the right pillow is just as important as getting it right with the rest of the rest system because it can correct many problems, among others alleviate back pain, prevent incorrect postures, solve snoring problems and relieve sleep deprivation.

How Should A Pillow Be?

The most important thing is to keep the cervical area aligned with the rest of the column. That is why we can not talk in general terms about what a pillow should look like, but we must look for the one that adapts to our physical characteristics and really allows this alignment.
This is also the reason why experts advise that it be used individually even in double beds. And before buying it, try amattress as close as possible to the one that we are going to use, and maintaining the position that we usually have when sleeping (see next point).
Once the right model is achieved, we can choose the filling that most pleases (latex, visco, fiber), the firmness that we like, or different properties, which incidentally, are more and more extensive and varied: Anti-allergic, hypoallergenic, to regulate the temperature, with aloe vera, etc.
Fundamental to choose it, analyze the posture in which you sleep

The correct position in which the body rests in a more uniform way is the fetal or sideways position, but not all of us sleep like this. That is why sleep experts advise that before buying the pillow let’s analyze the posture we usually adopt and, depending on it, choose it.

Let’s look at the most common cases:

If you sleep on your side you need a pillow thick and firm enough to save the width of the shoulder and prevent the head from tilting down.

In case you sleep on your back, you better have a firmness and intermediate thickness to fit the natural shape of your neck. In addition, it is advisable to use a smaller one under the knees that allows you to have more relaxed back And, ultimately, the whole body.

If on the contrary, you like to sleep on your stomach, opt for a soft but firm model, so that the head and neck adopt a natural leaning posture.

Do you move a lot? Then you need one of medium firmness.

When You Need To Renew It

There is no general rule, although it is usually changed every 1-2 years. But be attentive and if you see that it has lost its properties, that is to say that it no longer fulfills its function of aligning the column or that, simply, is no longer comfortable, replace it with a new one without delay, your body will thank you.
Remember that sleeping without a pillow can cause hypertension and the appearance of cervical contractures.

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