Tips For Brand New Your Smartphone

The Christmas season is one of the favorites to change devices, that is why some of you have probably opted to switch smartphones, either on their own or to be a gift of the wise men.

When we decide to change it is important to leave our new mobile phone ready to use without missing anything from the old and prepare it for a new year. That’s why we bring some tips to release your new mobile.

Check if we have updates on our smartphone

The first thing we need to check when using our new mobile phone is to check if you have an update. And is that the software is very important in the use of the device since the updates offer us manyimprovements besides bringing us the latest version of the operating system.

It is best to update the device before installing any application that we want to use, since sometimes the updates can give errors with installed apps and therefore if we do before we will have no problem.

Sync your Google Account

The use of Android as an operating system makes many of the applications that the terminals bringpreinstalled are the company of Mountain View. Although not all apps are from Google, some of the best if they are.

Sure you all have a Google account and so it is best to synchronize your new smartphone with it, in this way everything we use every day will synchronize us and we can enjoy again all services such ascalendar, application data, Google Drive, contacts, etc.

Import all our contacts

One of the most important steps when it comes to brand new mobile phone is to import all the contacts we had stored. This can be crazy because many users do not remember where they have stored their contacts.

This is a typical error since we can store them in various locations, such as the SIM card, in the phone memory, or have them stored in our Google account. The last option has become the easiest and most effective since we will only have to synchronize our new smartphone with the Google account in order to retrieve contacts. Otherwise we will have to find out if they are stored in the SIM or memory of the old phone and therefore export them.

Install other mobile applications

Another important step is to install all the applications we had on our previous device. This is more important than it seems since surely many of you have passed the fact of using a specific application but when you really need it right away you want to know the name to download it and you do not remember, so it is good to install all The ones we already had.

Although if your smartphone had many apps installed just the same it is advisable to uninstall those that are not practically used to release the device.

Save photos, videos and more content

In general our multimedia content is something that we never want to lose, since it contains several memories, moments lived and experiences embodied in some files. That is why what we would have to do would either have it all on a microSD card and simply insert it into our new smartphone, or store it in the cloud to download it with the new device.

If your new terminal does not have a microSD card slot, you should use a cloud storage service such asGoogle Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc. This way you can keep all your files safe and not delete them while transferring them from one device to another.

Install only useful applications

Logically we do not install applications if we are not going to use them, but as you all know thesmartphones always bring with them applications pre-installed by the manufacturers or even by the operators in case of obtaining the mobile by contract.

That’s why the best we can do is disable the preinstalled applications if we’re not really going to use them, so we will free our smartphone from loading applications and we will make it more functional with only the main apps.

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