ThruNite LED Torches

It is legitimate to wonder what LED torches serve in practice in daily life.These objects are among the most useful ever invented (Hey man since antiquity already created a rudimentary): for all the times that you remain without electricity and you cannot reach the place where you are placed candles and lighter.

Or when, despite having reached the candles, you have not only created more hassle in having to light and keep lit (minimum wind could consume the flame).

So often the torches are tremendously useful if not indispensable.

ThruNite Tn14 torch features

The torches change much in characteristics depending on the model and can be used on different occasions. ThruNite Tn14 flashlight is useful in contexts of professional jobs, where its use is continuous. The capabilities of specific types guarantee optimum quality.

Even the design of this model to consider: consists of a steel body and a stainless type switch (this last element is critical in the torch for all kinds of use). The switch is also different to the touch, so that it is easier (for example in situations of complete darkness) the lighting of the torch. The design of the torch ThruNite Tn14 (as many branded products) has been improved.

When you try this product, you’ll notice right away the resistance of the body of excellent quality. In addition, its modest size will allow you to store and preserve the torch anywhere you feel more comfortable for its use (in your backpack, purse, etc.).

It is important to know other technical characteristics as the Middle LED (positioned better in order to have a more focused and sharp beam of light). Only in this way will be excellent lighting performance as well as the chip (which will allow you to choose between two modes of lighting: light Turbo and High). You will have to choose between the two beams of light depending on your needs.

Thanks to durable, this LED torch is very durable because it will resist to accidental bumps and falls. Not to mention that this product is very light: it weighs only 181 grams that guarantee equally good and will keep the torch in his hand for a long time without getting tired.

The dimensions are 18.5 cm x 6.6 cm x instead of 5.1 cm: this is so compact and portable. The duration of this torch is an impressive 50,000 hours: This means that you can solve your problems for a long time, without having to buy inferior models continuously that may leave you in times of need.

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