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Three Seasons Sleeping Bags

This model has a good quality-price ratio. However, expect you to carry in your backpack a few hundred grams more than the lighter models. Otherwise, his mummy style haircut is spacious and contains a pocket at the height of the chest. A version is also available for the female anatomical peculiarities.

Materials: Insulating fibreglass polyester, shell polyester 50 deniers
Temperature rating: – 9 ° C
Weight: 1950 g
Dimensions: 30.5 cm x 53.3 cm (folded)

Price: $110

The North Face

In addition to its low price, this mummy sleeping bag has several interesting attributes.First, it is fitted with two slides: one at right, which unfolds to the feet, the other to the left which goes down enough to let out both arms. Also, it is quite wide for once unfolded to serve double coverage. And as all the Mummy bags, the head can wrap themselves in a Cap. An inner pouch is used to hold objects close by and, above all, warm.
Materials: Insulating synthetic Heatseeker Eco composed 30% recycled

Side of temperature: -7 ° C

Weight: 1634 g (standard), 1806 (long) g, 1997 (very long) g
Dimensions (folded): 22.9 cm x 43.2 cm (standard), 25.4 cm x 48.3 cm
(long and very long)

Price: $120

Perseus – 7 ° C

Here’s another model that offers a good quality-price ratio. Its synthetic down is made up to 50% of recycled material. And cheap does not necessarily mean simplicity, as GUY him has incorporated a system of adjustment with cords of different forms in the flange, and the CAP to distinguish them easily in the dark. The inner sleeve is ideal to slip some vital objects, who will get in a jiffy.
Materials: Insulating Hyperloft Eco (synthetic) containing 50% recycled material, shell polyester and nylon taffeta lining
Temperature rating: – 2 ° C to-12 ° C
Weight: 1930 g (standard)
Volume (folded): 14.3 l

Price: 163 $173 (depending on size)

The Electrum builds on the Marmot catalog this year. This is a bag of manufacturing hybrid, because its insulator is made up to 50% of goose down and 50% synthetic material SpiraFil 120, signed Marmot. This combination is water resistant and remains effective after 25 washes. It is a very light bag for its category.
Materials: Insulation made up of 50% down 650 goose and 50% synthetic material SpiraFil 120
Temperature rating: – 7 ° C
Weight: 1130 g (standard), 1275 (long) g
Dimensions (folded): 21.6 cm x 45.7 cm

Electrum 20

Mountain Hardwear
HyperLamina Spark

For lovers of hiking in ultra light mode, this product is perfect (less than 500 g). In fact, Mountain Hardwear described as the sleeping bag in synthetic materials the lightest on the market. This featherweight is in part due to the zipper, which goes no lower than the middle of the bag, as well as the strategic distribution of the insulation, according to areas most at risk of losing heat.
Materials: Insulation Thermal QTM (synthetic), shell armor (dobby 22D) nylon and nylon taffeta lining
Temperature rating: – 6 ° C
Weight: 499 g (standard)
Volume (folded): 5 l

Price: $240

Western Mountaineering

Very light and compressible, this model is perfect for expeditions, and comfortable and more: it is wide enough to lie down in a ball, and its insulation is made of goose down. Its production to continuous partitions allows insulation according to our needs, in areas exposed to heat loss. Also, there are two sliders to create a wide comforter.
Materials: Insulation goose down 850 +, nylon taffeta shell

Temperature rating: – 2 ° C to-12 ° C

Weight: 825 g (standard)
Volume (folded): 7 ln

Price: $485

Antares HD

This light Mummy bag is designed to hold heat which drains to the top. A floor mattress can fit into two elastic fasteners under the sleeping bag, and keep even more heat. The ties prevent the mattress to move, while allowing the body to turn. They can hold a mattress with a maximum width of 63 cm.

Materials: Goose down, shell antidechirure nylon insulation
30 denier
Temperature rating: – 9 ° C
Weight: 890 g (standard), 980 g (long)
Dimensions (folded): 17.7 cm x 30.5 cm

Price: $500

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