Three Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

When he invites us to a wedding, especially if it’s someone really close, we want to achieve perfect styling to be the most elegant and sophisticated for that ‘red carpet‘ family or friends. Therefore, we strive to take care of every detail and one of those key pieces is precisely the hairstyle, that will mark that we have a more or less formal aspect according to our choice.

Therefore, here healthknowing proposes three corresponding ideas on hairstyles depending on the desired effect and with their video tutorials so that you can achieve them without leaving home. We started with a very simple hairstyle that will be perfect wedding day, for both those who carried an eye-catching dress and want to bet on a less ornate hairstyle. It consists of making a semirecogido with volume at the Crown and slightly curl the hair that is loose.

Braids always They are a perfect ally, since they help us collect hair from delicate way and full fashion. Therefore second hairstyle consists of making a side picked up based on a braid of root that is mode of DIAdem. The result will be very attractive and with a little practice you will see that it is not anything difficult.

If the wedding that you Will attend night and you plan to wear a long dress, you probably want to a collected more elegant and refined, that look of elaborate and attention-grabbing. In that case, you can opt for a braid of root with all the hair, then loosen to give a touch more nature, which Will fold itself. If we let two strands on the sides previously then you can cross them with the braid to give a more personal touch.

What do you think?