This Helps With Summer Discomfort

At last he is here, the summer. And with it also the typical summer complaints: insect bites, sundress, sunburst, circulatory problems, heavy legs and vein problems. I have a wonderful overview to the remedy found against it.

Oxfordastronomy offers an excellent overview online, which helps with typical summer problems-here a short summary (for more details please click on the source):

Insect Bites:

Apis mellifica (honeybee) D6: in stitches with strong swelling-I always have in the summer!

Ledum palustre (swamp pores) D6: not quite so swollen, but itching and often inflamed

Caladium seguinum (silencer) D6: for all people who act like a gel plug for others

Light Sunglasses:

Belladonna D6: red face, headache, painful skin. Also: to the doctor!

Urtica urens (small nettle) D6: for smaller bubbles. The skin burns and itching. Cold or cold water aggravate the pain.


The dry, itchy skin rashes develop by staying at the sea and strong sunshine.

Sodium chloratum (cooking salt) D12: the best remedy for so called “Mallorca acne”. Seafood worsen.

Acidum hydrofluoricum (hydrofluoric acid) D12: especially good for people who tolerate heat badly.

Circulation Problems :

Weakness, dizziness, black in front of the eyes. The reason is often low blood pressure. Sodium drinking water helps.

Veratum album (White Germer) D6: Sweat, heart palpitations, nausea. Raise the legs and give the globules at very short intervals (repeat three minutes, three times five times, repeat after 10 minutes). Only in older children / adults, small children must immediately go to the doctor!

Haplopappus (Bailahuenkraut) D3: low blood pressure, which worsens in summer, especially when standing; Often cold hands and feet.

Pulsatilla (Meadow Clamp) D12: especially for people with venous problems.

Heavy Legs&Vein Problems

Hamamelis (virgin witch) D6: in pregnant women and all those who already had a venous disease.

Aesculus (horse chestnut) D6: with venous congestion in the pelvic region, which leads to painful, swollen legs and varicose veins, but also to intestinal inertia and spinal complaints.

Calcium fluoratum (calcium fluoride) D12: in venous disorders due to connective tissue weakness.The swollen legs tighten and tend to cause inflammation. Typical: Heat and standing deteriorate the condition.