They Become Hybrids between Tablet and Laptop with Android, Make The Same Mistakes

If you’ve followed Android for more than four years, probably remember certain computers with this platform. Those were other times, when the system was very green and incomplete. The days passed and they were falling into oblivion, despite some other timely attempt as the next NVIDIA HP.

Now, in 2015, it seems that it has become to awaken interest in notebooks with Android. Don’t do it with the classic format laptop screen and keyboard. No, this year there are a couple of manufacturers who want to give you an opportunity to Google’s operating system for use as a computer.

In turn the two into one, once again

Four years ago, ASUS launched a device which at the time was groundbreaking: the Transformer. A two tablet in one in finishing was rather rough but brought very good ideas. It could be used as a Tablet and as a small laptop. However, Android that was then beginning to take its first serious steps in this type of device.

The Taiwanese abandoned the family soon after for take it to Windows 8. By removing specific products like the HP laptop, it seemed that the idea of creating computers with Android, in the more classical sense, had been scrapped. Now, they are Dell and Sony who pick up the baton.

Let’s start with the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet. They originally not conceived the device as a computer, in fact has more claims of Tablet, but the accessory in the form of keyboard and the launcher customized to open application in multi-window give much value. In addition hardware accompanies so that the experience is smooth.

Dell This week it announced a tablet that it want us to use it as a laptop. Powerful specifications, high capacity battery and a keyboard that invites us to work with it and use it with two in one. In fact, in format is very attractive, very much in the line of what Americans have done in recent years with the XPS family.

Both offer very attractive proposals on paper and photo. Powerful, attractive, like the ASUS Transformer in its day. Android has evolved much since then: no one has to see that 3.0 Honeycomb with the 5.0 current Lollipop. Four years between, but with many doubts and problems that have not been resolved yet.

The problem is in the software

There is no doubt at this point that the hardware has evolved a lot. The Venue and 2015 Xperia passing over that innovative (and powerful) once ASUS Transformer. Much improved in this area, but the fate of both generations is the same: failure.

Having a good hardware it is not enough and today Android is one platform capsized more than ever in mobile telephony. Proof of this is Lollipop whose main novelties are linked to these. Yes, we have had a new Nexus tablet but the experience has not improved much.

On the basis of that, and that the future of other Android platforms goes more by the wearables and televisions, today we can not think in this operating system as a viable option for use as a computer. Software not accompanied and although we can serve for certain tasks, it is far that offers Windows 10.

A platform that manages better multi-tasking when it comes to move between applications, a system designed for this type of devices. It is not a problem of Google, they have decided to focus on other types of screens, but it seems that the manufacturers end understand that you as computer, Android is not up to.

Understandable is that want to try different things: many manufacturers are betting team two in one competing by price and trying to offer the best possible specifications. ASUS, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Dell and Sony want to bring new ideas… is understandable, but Android does not seem the best partner for this.

We return to stumble over the same stone, sure as tablets Tablet Z4 and the Venue will prove to be great teams. Note-taking will serve, but I very much doubt that give the size for those who wish to replace your current laptop, unless you want to accept certain compromises of software.