Thermos Water Bottle Review

Take with you a drink that remains warm anywhere-at work, on the go, on the ski slopes-which is handy! But finding a pool of tea or coffee at the bottom of her bag, it’s more than rude! The thermos, commonly known thermos, should neither run nor be damaged but mostly keep the liquid temperature. Is that the case? A Good Hearer submitted a dozen models to a sometimes grueling test!

Leisure and work: the indispensable thermos

Snow, rain, cold … Whether at work or in our leisure, a hot drink can bring us much relief. This is the case for Kate Amiguet, reporter pictures naturalist who sometimes spend several hours on the lookout to capture the animals in their environment. She never leaves without one of his thermos.

The great story of a small thermos

Long before to accompany us on the go, on the slopes or at work, the thermos was exclusively in scientific laboratories. Developed in 1892 by the Scottish Sir James Dewar, professor of physics and chemistry, it serves to maintain low temperature gas and liquid.

The first thermos are fragile: two glass walls treated with a silver film. Between the two walls, a vacuum is created to minimize heat exchange. In 1903, a German glassblower will exploit these principles and produce the first insulated containers “general public”. Reinhold Burger filed a patent and founded the company Thermos.

The autopsy of the “thermos”: the test

Today, 9 thermos models are over 10 products in Asia. This ultra-competitive market for sports water bottles reviewed by, brands jealously guard their trade secrets. Difficult in these conditions to shoot a production line. While these insulating bottles contain? To find out, ABE has dismantled two models in stainless steel.

At first glance, the differences are not obvious! But the thickness of the food-grade stainless steel walls may vary, the quality of the air gap and closing device at the bottom of the bottle, also

To test their effectiveness, a sample of 10 bottles present on the Swiss-French market was sent to a specialized laboratory Eurofins in Aix-enProvence. They underwent a series of tests are: mechanical impact, to assess the strength, the risk of leakage and insulation defects after a possible deformation. The stability of the full bottle was tested. It would be too stupid to see her open thermos overturn .. … The tightness of the seal and cap were also analyzed. For an insulated bottle leaking is useless. Finally, the most important criterion of this test, the lab measured the ability of these 10 bottles retain heat, their first task.

Find the test results: The autopsy of the “thermos”: the test

Always moisturize despite the cold

In winter and more generally in the cold, thirst fades. However, it is important to stay hydrated. Nicolas Antille, mountain guide for a dozen years, said he must drink regularly without waiting for thirst of our body signals.

Our topic: wine scam

Despite the asterisk affixed to his number, Pierre Burnier is often the target of telephone canvassing. So generally, he hangs up, he made a day an exception and was persuaded by a call from Prilly Authentic Wine House. The case looks nice. Destocking of Comptoir Suisse framed soit- saying by the cantonal enologist, offers residents of some municipalities vintage wines with nice discounts.

But the story is too good. The cantonal enologist is not aware of anything and sold off bottles are actually sold two to four times the price at the winery. Bad luck for the house of Prilly, Pierre Burnier is the trustee of his town of Bursinel and decided to contact the competent authorities. They recalled the Authentic Wine House to order. For its part, the Genuine Home Wine says that such a mistake will not happen again.

Trigger an avalanche while skiing off-piste can engage justice. Civil and criminal penalties not to be taken lightly: the point with Gilles-Antoine Hofstetter, lawyer.

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