The Tag Heuer Smartwatch

Tag Heuer has pushed on 9 November 2015 a rocket-a smart watch that is really expensive. Who has terrified at the appearance of the Apple-watch, should sit down now. The Tag Heuer is bad expensive: 1,350 euro. Full of energy, Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver introduced the Tag Heuer Connected in New York. A long queue in front of the flagship store gives him at least initially right: the desire for novelty is great.

Nevertheless the clock with the mobile operating system Android wear by Google is equipped, it costs significantly more than the competitor models from companies such as Samsung, Sony and LG. While one’s wins the devices of the Asian companies already from far away here, that here a computer adorns the wrist, Tag Heuer has a clock on the Carrera collection. Dial designs until the chronograph offer variety and the impression of an analog clock. Despite pointers rotate only pixels.

Despite all the luxury-under the hood of the smart car is the software that is used in models for 200 euros. A Smartphone is needed to really have fun with the clock.There is a difference in addition to the competitors to cheap price environment: the chip. Instead of processors of Qualcomm used Quick Tag Heuer a 1.6 GHz Intel processor and network chips for Bluetooth and Wi-FI. In addition, the connected provides the usual motion sensors, a screen with 1.5 inches and 360 x 360 pixels.

One of the most important questions: how long will the battery. The answer is 25 hours-and to assume that the battery also one or more hours before goes to its knees is similar at the Apple Watch. That’s not enough in my view. Who wants to use the watch as an alarm clock, couldn’t comes to nighttime wear. Then, but during the night, a charging is not possible.

Ander is clad in titanium as the watches of other manufacturers acting plasticine Tag Heuer Connected. The housing is protected against splashing water-not necessarily a contemporary standard, because any water activity, the smart watch must remain unfortunately on the shore. The diameter is 46 mm, weight light 52 grams. So is the impression of a full-fledged men’s watch.

The other hardware, which should be noted, is totally different from the offerings of the Asian companies that it was developed by watchmakers. About the housing consists of extremely robust titanium, was apparently extensively treated and is protected according to IP67 standard against splash water. The connected very clearly as a men’s watch is with a diameter of 46 mm and 52 grams of weight. Tag Heuer is the clock two years-because after this period of time, users can exchange the digital part against a real automatic that corresponds to in the design of the Smartwatch with LED touch screen offered by CENTRALLEDWATCH. It will cost the trifle of another 1,350 euros. In sum must asked seriously, why watch enthusiasts directly purchase a quality watch for 2,600 euros-which rings not for messages, and vibrates. Because one must ask a question-at least I thought they’d be after a few weeks with the Apple Watch: how close I want to all messages, emails, Tweets, Whatsapps and and and let me. For me it is clear: on the wrist is final.

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