The Standard ANSI/FL 1 Flashlight

Review Overview

When you buy a flashlight, it is important to compare different models, to find out which best suits our needs or if equal, one has better price than another.

In the industry of the headlights and bulbs have recognized that without a standard clear, instead of promoting their market, prejudicial les clearly. Not only because some lost sales to others, but also because the lack of verifiable information could lead to people to stop buying.

For this reason, was created the ANSI/FL 1, a standard that helps compare flashlights and spotlights by a same pattern precisely. Being an American standard, we understand that it is good to have a translation to Spanish of the most relevant icons:

1 light output: total amount issued as integrating all of the angle of the device output

2 autonomy: it tells us the battery life from the 30 sec of its initial power on with fresh batteries until is a 10% load to them.

3 scope: Distance in meters that crosses the beam until it arrives at the 0.25 lux (is the equivalent of the light emitted by the full moon on a clear night in open field)

4 maximum intensity: tells us the maximum intensity that reaches the flashlight to his maximum power, i.e., without variation.

5 resistance to water: indicates that Lantern resists to water that can be thrown regardless of direction.

6 waterproof: indicates that you can get up to a meter deep for 30 minutes.

7 waterproof: it means that you can put in the water, deeper than one meter and 4 hours

8 impact-resistant: indicates the meters that Lantern resists if you collide with cement. I.e. If you put 8 then endures a fall from 8 meters in height.

We believe that this information can be very useful when it comes to buy your ANSI FL1 standard flashlight  in Ledlightsclassified.