The Right Makeup for Green Eyes

What is the right makeup for green eyes? A look so intriguing needs to be exploited with makeup. Therefore eye shadows, eyeliner pencil and must be chosen carefully. Let us see what are the secrets to give greater intensity in the eyes.

What is the right makeup for green eyes? The color of the IRIS is one of the first things you will notice in a person and those are a true gift of nature. The green eyes are intense, penetrating, are a beautiful symbol of rarity! A look so enigmatic and intriguing deserves to be exploited with makeup.

The make up ideal is to able to accentuate the intensity of the eyes, illuminating the colorful streaks of the IRIS, but what are the secrets for a trick to try to make up artist? Today we give you some tips to make a makeup for green eyes and get a look brilliant.

Pencil and Eyeliner for a charming look

To make a make up for green eyes really flattering, spread a thin layer of black chalk on paper less, blending lightly with your fingertip. You can also use eye pencil of the same color of the IRIS, to combine with a tone-on-tone eye shadow or purple. If you want to make the most sensual look, use black eyeliner to emphasize the shape of the eye: it will give you maximum emphasis.

How to choose eye shadow

Let us now consider the eye shadows more suitable for women with green eyes. Those who should not miss in the palette by handbag, are the shades of Purple: from light pink, lilac and plum, going through to the darker shade of color. Create a striking contrast with the look, highlighting the intensity of the eyes. If you want a truly glamorous and don’t be afraid to dare a little more, you can use the same colored mascara. The metal eyeshadows are equally suitable because they create a magnetic effect, while those silver and Auburn have look very bright. Even green is great with blue eyes but should be chosen with two or three shades of difference compared to the color of the IRIS. Not recommended, lastly, eye shadows from the Orange Strip effectively do not highlight your eyes.

All shades of green eyes

The different shades of the eyes suggest more combinations. Green Sea, cool eye shadows are dark shades such as black and gray smoke. But be careful not to overdo it: for a daytime makeup should not be lighter on the eye. Both the pale green and bright, the shades to be preferred are those dark naked and intermediate risk creating excessive contrast because those with the IRIS, making him lose its beauty. Beige and bronze eye shadows highlight the natural characteristic of the eyes and are also perfect for the evening. In this case, the clear basis on the eyelid may be heightened by a veil of dark eye shadow at the outer part of the eye. So what are you waiting for? Put now to try our tips!